Every-Day Practice at the MMA

11. 06. 2013

The MMA Clinic for Neurology applied thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke in four patients who have suffered the acute ischemic stroke in June 5, 2013. Every Wednesday, emergency cases are admitted through the Military Medical Academy’s Emergency Department operating 24 hours a day. All mentioned interventions have occurred during the first 12 hours.
Acute ischemic stroke represents the condition indicated with thrombolytic therapy in the first four and half hours staring with symptoms occurrence, thus requiring immediate treatment and urgent decision on indication existence. This demands a multidisciplinary team composed of neurologist, radiologist and internist helped by junior medical personnel of the MMA Emergency Department.
Concerning the emergency care while applying therapy and monitoring, the patients are admitted at the Department of Urgent Neurology with Brain Stroke Unit. Along with maximal engagement of the medical personnel, thrombolytic therapy resulted with good outcome and without any complications in all four of patients.

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