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First ENT Surgery Live via the Internet Held at MMA

05. 04. 2016

Accredited course entitled "ENT surgery live - online", organized by the MMA’s  ENT Clinic with technical software support of MedApp association from Belgrade, was held from 31 March to 01 April 2016 at the MMA. For the first time in the region, participants had the opportunity to watch live via the Internet a variety of modern surgical techniques in the field of otorhinolaryngology performed in the operating room of MMA.
In his opening address, Head of the ENT Clinic Col. Assistant Dr. Milanko Milojevic said that the MMA ENT Clinic has been following a rich tradition of organization of innovative and high-quality courses. He noted that the Clinic organized the first course of the temporal bone dissection in Serbia in 2004, and that the courses of functional endoscopic sinus surgery - FESS were only courses of that type in the region that have been now traditionally organized in this institution. Last year, the MMA’s ENT Clinic had the honor to host Prof. Dr. Alexander Huber and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Probst from ENT Clinic of the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, who demonstrated the use of modern "smart" stapedial prosthesis for the hearing restitution in otosclerosis and as of this year it is going be the standard for that kind of surgery at the MMA.
The first day of the course was dedicated to lectures on current pathological conditions in this area, as well as the ways of their diagnosis and treatment. Colonel Assistant Dr. Milanko Milojevic and Lt Col Prof. Dr. Nenad Baletic from the ENT Clinic MMA talked about otosclerosis, paresis, and paralysis of the vocal cords, while the chronic dacryocystitis presented Lt Col Assistant Profesor Dr. Mirko Resan from the Clinic for Ophthalmology MMA. Major Dr. Ugljesa Grgurevic from the MMA’s ENT Clinic, also the organizer of the course, delivered a lecture on education via the Internet as the most modern method of distance learning which provides the impressive features. He said that the ENT Clinic of  MMA having organized this course which for the first time in the region the ENT surgery was transmitted live via the Internet, certainly made a pioneering endeavor and set a new standard in the field of education. Owing to modern technology, all interested will be able to access educational programs of this type being in different locations which number is in a constant increase in the world and will not need to travel to other countries to see certain procedures.
During the second day of the course, the participants had the opportunity to watch a live webcast of four surgeries in the field of otorhinolaryngology, performed in the MMA’s operating room supported by the Big Blue Button software for distance learning, with a MedApp Moodle educational platform. Participants had the possibility of direct communication with the operator, asking questions via audio link or through messages in real time, communicating with each other, as well as communicating with the moderators of the course. Moderator of the course was Prof. Dr. Mihael Podvinec who joined the course in Basel, and doctors from the ENT Clinic of MMA answered messages. The surgeries were performed by MMA’s doctors Col Assistant. Dr. Milanko Milojevic, Lt Col. Dr. Milan Erdoglija, Lt Col. Dr. Ljubomir Pavicevic, Major Dr. Dalibor Stevanovic and Dr. Jelena Sotirovic in cooperation with the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of MMA.

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