First VATS Parathyroidectomy in Region

13. 03. 2014

The first radioguided parathyroidectomy via VATS in patients suffering from hyperparathyroidism has been performed at the Military Medical Academy on March 12, 2014. The patient D.D. (born in 1959) is stable and postoperative recovery is normal.
Operative procedure is carried out thanks to mutual collaboration of the MMA Clinic for General Surgery, the MMA Clinic for Chest Surgery, the MMA Clinic for Nephrology and Center for Endocrine Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia. Main surgeons were Major Dr. Nebojša Marić, from the MMA Clinic for Chest Surgery and Dr. Miodrag Jovanović, M.Sc. from the MMA Clinic for General Surgery, helped by the Head of the MMA Clinic for General Surgery Col. Dr. Mile Ignjatović and Prof. Dr. Ivan Paunović and Asst. Prof. Dr. Vladan Živaljević from the Center for Endocrine Surgery, CCS.
Surgical treatment is a basic treatment method indicated in case of hyperthyroidism, although it is commonly burdened by repeated surgical procedures (10%-30% of cases) due to the disease development or incapacity to locate all parathyroid glands. The named glands are usually in the chest, why it is necessary to carry out thoracic surgery. Minimally invasive approach, as Video- assisted thoracoscopic surgery including the removal of chest gland and remained parathyroid gland in middle chest means significantly less traumatized and better supported operative procedure, faster post recovery and shorter hospital stay.

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