Foreign delegations visit the Military Medical Academy

29. 05. 2011

Spanish Major General Alberto Asarta Cuevas, Head of Mission and Commander of UN Peacekeeping Forces in Lebanon  
During his official visit to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia anent the celebration of 29 May – International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, marked by the official opening of the exhibition named „Army Peacekeeping Missions 1956-2011“ at the Military Museum in Belgrade, Spanish Major General Alberto Asarta Cuevas, Commander of UN Peacekeeping Forces deployed in Lebanon within the UNFIL mission, accompanied by Brigadier General Milan Mojsilović, Deputy Commander of the Joint Operations Command of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces made a short visit to MMA (Military Medical Academy).
The guests were welcomed at MMA by MMA Head Colonel Assist. Prof. Dr. Dragan Dinčić. The meeting was attended by Head of the Health Department Colonel Dr. Stevan Sikimić and Commander of Light Field Hospital, Colonel Dr. Nikola Zec.
During the short visit, the guest was introduced with MMA, its capacities and possibilities, and explained that as a leading military health institution in the region, MMA offers various quality accredited programmes of education at all levels and in nearly all medical fields. One of the types of education is training for participation in peacekeeping missions conducted at our Light Field Hospital, led by Colonel Dr. Nikola Zec. He presented a short retrospective of the participation of our staff in missions in Congo, Chad and the Central African Republic.
General Cuevas thanked for the concise and comprehensive presentation of our capacities and potentials. Satisfied with what he heard and saw, he showed interest in potential engagement of our hospital in peacekeeping missions, options of its expansion, but also education and training of medical staff.
He explained they are facing a problem in Spain because of the decreasing number of Army members, and it is reflected also on their education and training, which significantly differs from the education of civil medical staff. He also expressed his satisfaction with the information he as a soldier considers very important – that there is a well-trained and equipped team of experts in his surrounding, which can provide medical assistance in peacekeeping missions or cases of mass disasters, which is a kind of help civil doctors are not capable of providing.
The General wanted to know whether the training of our staff is conducted at the Light Field Hospital and how we recruit military doctors, which is another problem in his country, according to him.
He was satisfied with the answer that we found the optimum solution in the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, which is going to educate medical staff for the needs of the Defence System, and we underlined that we can be proud of all our hitherto achieved results and successes, our capacities and potentials.
Delegation of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait 
The visit of the High Delegation of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait to the Military Medical Academy was the result of the visit of President Tadić to Kuwait, during which Serbia and Kuwait signed a cooperation agreement in the field of defence, military healthcare, construction and agricultural industry.
The Kuwait Delegation of five, led by Major General Eid A.M. Almutair, Undersecretary for Infrastructure at the Ministry of Interior, included Mr Dr Faisal Al Oraifan, Head of the Health Sector, Mr Dr Muhammad H.N. Jasem, in charge of health and medical security at corrective institutions of the Ministry of Interior, engineer Mr Abulwahab E. Alostad of the Construction Directorate, and Mr Sameh M. Elosrm, chief engineer of the Ministry of Interior.
Besides Mr Homoud A. Al-Shaui, Third Secretary at the Embassy of Kuwait, the guests were accompanied by the Kuwait-Serbia Directorate, led by Mr Vuk Perić, Head of the Directorate, and Mr Milan Drljević, leading associate for architecture.
The goal of this visit was to evaluate the options of the construction of a medical hospital for the needs of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait. It would be the first hospital of the kind in their country. Wishing to make it also one of the top national health institutions, recognised by high standards and quality of medical services, the guests showed great interest in cooperation with the Military Medical Academy, within which professional knowledge and experience, as well as experts would be exchanged, and technical and medical staff would be educated.
With respect to the objective of the visit, the guests were introduced with the advantages of the architectural design and work conception of MMA, which enables covering all medical segments under the same roof, during regular working hours and on call duties, 24/7/365.
The guest were welcomed at MMA by Head of MMA, Colonel Prof. Dr. Marijan Novaković, who tried, along with his closest associates, to present our institution, dominant in the region not only in the field of peacetime, but also wartime medicine. He showed the guests a documentary of MMA and presentations of the organisational units in which the guests showed special interest.
The presentation of the organisational structure underlined the advantages of the existence of a Day Hospital, which enables faster, more efficient, more rational treatment of higher quality. It was also emphasized that we are constantly monitoring the development of medical technologies and the latest global achievements in the field of medicine, so as a result, we can boast of new medical equipment of the latest generation, contemporarily equipped rooms in the surgical block and intensive care units. The significance of the Logistics Sector in providing strong logistic support, i.e. ensuring technological, technical and financial conditions necessary for regular functioning of MMA was also underlined.
Besides treatment, education and training of staff were presented as a field offering big opportunities for establishment of cooperation with all interested countries, whereby MMA plays an important role as a significant segment in the Defence System of our country, which would be conducted within the framework of bilateral agreements at the level of ministries of defence.

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