Fruitful Publication Activity of the MMA’s Members

08. 04. 2011

Publication of scientific accomplishments or research breakthroughs has always been given a great attention at the Military Medical Academy.
During the last year, 16 monographs were published, most of them represent unique master pieces in the sphere of domastic medical publication; then 25 chapters in books, a great number of papers published in top international journals, of which 11 are ranked among the first 30% and 12 among the first 30-50% of magazine in their respective subject fields according to the ipact factor; 23 papers not included in the first 50% of magazines and 64 papers   indexed in SCI, but haven’t still received their impact factor.
Among the publications that appeared in the early 2011, the book-manual titled „The Chicago Eye and Emergency Mannual“ attracted a great deal of attention in professional circles. At the end of March, the book was officially promoted at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, held in San Diego. This publication, which, in a succinct and illustrative way, conveys a clear picture of emergency conditions in ophthalmology (including postoperative complications), their etimology, clinical presentation (symptoms and signs) and the treatment, is the work of Dr. Thomas John, professor, Loyola University Chicago, and the MMA’s visiting professor. One of its authors is Col. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević, the head of the MMA’s Ophthalmology Clinic, who has given his valuable contribution by preparing the three chapters of this book titled „Symptoms and Signs“ (Chapter1), „Pediatric Ophthalmology“ (Chapter 12) and „Ocular Emergencies“ ( Chapter 13). 

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