Global Threat and Joint Struggle against Bioterrorism

14. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 14, 2010. – Bioterrorism represents a general risk and global threat, which requires coordinated actions at both national and international levels to ensure that all necessary protection measures are taken and prevent deliberate use of microorganisms and their products for terrorist purposes. That was the subject of the First Biological Security and Safety Planning and Implementation Course, held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on November 1-5, 2010.
There were 8 attendees from Europe, Asia and Africa who completed the Course run by eminent experts in this field. At this very important event, our country was represented by the AF civilian employee Assist. Prof. Dr. Elizabeta  Ristanović..
Overviewing the global threat from bioterrorism and necessity for developing a common approach and taking joint actions to secure medical protection against potential misuse of biological agents as well as the need for coordinated approach to planning and implementation of biological security and safety standards, the Course   was focused on the issues relating to biosecurity standards for research ad clinical laboratories, and the control and prevention of unauthorized access to biological agents. Special emphasis   was placed on the necessity for establishing national mechanisms to control the work with pathogenic microorganisms, and strengthening as well international cooperation in that  area, along with  advancement  of national and international mechanisms for   monitoring, detection, diagnosis, prevention and control of infectious diseases in human and animal population, and promotion of comprehensive bioterrorism   management   and response  plans.
The likelihood of further development of biological weapons due to expansive development of molecular biology and biotechnology and their misuse were   pointed out, whilst the adoption of Biological Security and Safety-related Code of Conduct for scientists and scientific organizations was one of the issues also addressed at the Course.

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