Head of MMA held New Year’s Reception for Journalists

24. 12. 2014

– This year has a special meaning for MMA because we celebrated our anniversary – 170 years of MMA. That is a long tradition of which we are all very proud of – said Brigadier General Dr. Marijan Novakovic on New Year’s reception for journalists and media representatives held in the Central Military Club of Serbia.
He pointed out that during this year the majority of the employed at MMA have done their job as they should, responsibly and committed, no matter of constant increase of number of patients, that is marked every year, particularly civilian insured patients – who come personally for the treatment to MMA or are referred by the Republic Fund for the Health Insurance.
General Novakovic emphasized that during the past year they managed to update technologically, according to priority, almost every clinic at MMA and to introduce new methods in almost every branch of medicine.
– I would like to highlight three important issues that have marked the year that passes - it is the opening of the room for electrophysiology of the heart, which becomes the third center in Serbia and the first for the military insured; then, the operation of the light field hospital and taken sanitary measures during the floods in May, where our teams were present all the time and gave the significant contribution with the aim to alleviate consequences of that disaster. During the year, 48 members have participated and still participate in five peace-keeping missions of the Republic of Serbia. We are proud that we enrolled the sixth generation of cadets at the MMA School of Medicine of the Defence University in Belgrade. Next year we are looking forward to promoting the first generation of medical lieutenants, what would be a very important date for the entire military medical healthcare – the Head of MMA stressed.
Novakovic also mentioned other news that unfortunately came from MMA last month and he emphasized that the Management of MMA and the employed do not support any violation of duty, especially disregard of the Hippocratic Oath.
We are available to all military and civilian authorities to assist them in order to clarify each case, to process it – to punish the guilty, but to protect the innocent. "
Since the beginning of 2014, 260 663 patients were examined at the MMA, and 33 927 were hospitalized. There were 27 150 surgeries. During the year, 3 060 243 biochemical procedures were performed, 17 000 voluntarily blood donations and 8 531 liters of blood collected.
By 17 December, 2014, 18 kidney transplantations were performed - six cadaveric and 11 from living donors, as well as a successful liver transplantation.
During the year, 4 400 patients with acute poisoning were examined, of which 700 were withheld for hospital treatment. Also, 1050 blood tests for the presence of alcohol were done.
By 1 December, 618 patients were treated in a hyperbaric chamber and 6 273 procedures were performed.
On the occasion of MMA’s jubilee, 170 years of its existence, MMA was awarded the Order of the Star of Karadjordje third degree, which is awarded for special merits in representing the state and its citizens. MMA was awarded the SAF Golden Plaque.

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