Health Safeguarding Mission

13. 12. 2010

Belgrade, December 13, 2010. – The Military Medical Academy continues to work together with many civilian healthcare facilities in the country and the region in an atmosphere of successful professional cooperation, within which it offers them concrete support in their work. It, thus, demonstrates by its deeds and acts its commitment to safeguarding and improving human health, as well as enhancing civil-military cooperation, which is one of the missions of the Republic of Serbia Armed Forces. 

Support to the Požarevac Health Service

The director of the Požarevac Healthcare Center, Primarius  Miodrag Bogosavljević, MD, and the  director  of the Downtown General Hospital, Srećko Bosić, MD, have recently paid a visit to the Military Medical Academy to present and discuss with the  head of our institution Maj.Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and his associate some of the initiatives on further strengthening of cooperation and support of the Military Medical Health Services to the healthcare facilities in the Braničevo District.

"The Military Medical Academy is a national institution, and its obligation and mission are to serve the public health, and ensure its presence is felt not only in Belgrade, but in Požarevac, Niš, Novi Sad, Bujanovac, everywhere where its support is needed, either therapeutic to patients or educational to its colleagues. We remain strongly dedicated to that goal, so you can count on our help and support. We are pleased to see that you have already recognized it, and welcome that initiative of yours to further advance and extend our cooperative relations and activities in the field of medical profession and science", said General Jevtić in his welcome speech to the guest from Požarevac..
Kidney Transplants in Banja Luka
Within the framework of their humanitarian mission, the MMA’s leading experts would be staying in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, B&H, on December 16 and 17, 2010., with the aim of  providing educational and training support to the members of the Banja Luka Clinical Center’s Kidney Transplant Team. The MMA’s experts are carefully doing everything to thoroughly prepare themselves for   this mission to be as successful as the previous one accomplished in the  Niš  Clinical Center. Through such their efforts, they   wish to help establish as soon as possible another regional referral center for chronic kidney cases.

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