Hypothermia and Hyperthermia: Specific Aspects

21. 03. 2011

Belgrade, March 21, 2011. – Our institution hosted the educational Course on Specific aspects of hypothermia and hyperthermia, organized by the MMA’s Hygiene Institute.  Renowned MMA’s experts, Prof. Dr. Sonja  Radaković, Prof. Dr. Maja Šurbatović, and Assist. Snježana Zeba, MS, delivered a number of outstanding lectures dealing with thermal stress and diseases, hyperthermia risk assessments   during   military  training, hypothermia as a problem in surgical patients, and  out-of-hospital and  in-hospital  hypothermia  and hyperthermia  therapy.
The attendees to the Course could raise their awareness of the basis of thermophysiology and the needs of the human body to maintain thermal homeostasis (body temperature; clinical picture of mild and severe forms of thermal diseases; advanced principals of thermal disorder management as well as adverse effects of intraoperative hypothermia occurring in surgical patients and its consequences (hypertension, heart rhythm disorder, bleeding).
Numerous Course participants including a large number of physicians, specialists in various fields of medicine and medical technicians from our country had the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge of the mechanisms of thermoregulation at rest or during physical work, characteristics of compensated and uncompensated thermal stress, adaptation of the cardiovascular system to the requirements for physical activity in  hot environments, as well as conditions that may place an individual in a risk group for developing  thermal stress. 

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