International Conference on medical countermeasures against terrorism

19. 11. 2008

Belgrade, November 19 - Two experts from the Military Medical Academy - Col. Assist. Prof. Dr Radovan Čekanac, the head of the Epidemiology Institute and Major Dr Momir Šarac, a specialist in vascular surgery, attended the international scientific conference on ‘Terrorism and medical support to mass social events’ held in Vaplevo, Republic of Poland. There were experts in the fields of internal medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology and emergency medicine from many European countries, USA and China involved in the congress work. The main themes of the conference referred to terrorism as a global and real threat with special focus on undertaking of adequate medical countermeasures, diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in case of potential terrorist attacks and the exchange of clinical and organizational experiences as well. Epidemiology of contemporary infectious diseases and potential counter-epidemic measures in case of an avian influenza pandemic and problems relating to organization and coordination of Emergency Medicine Services operation in case of terrorist attacks were also discussed.

The general conclusion taken at the Conference was that there is currently an increase of acts of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations what requires joint efforts in fighting terrorism through establishment of efficient multilevel bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Necessity of constant improvement of cooperation among all relevant bodies of the society dealing with this problem at national level and better coordination between military and civil structures was emphasized as well.

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