International Nursing Day

12. 05. 2008

Belgrade, May 12 - The International Nursing Day was officially celebrated at the Military Medical Academy on May 12. The head of the Military Medical Academy Maj.Gen. Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, MD, PhD congratulated medical nurses and technicians on their holiday emphasizing the importance of their crucial role in operating the Military Medical Academy, worldwide-recognized giant of medical science and practice.
The MMA Management recognizes professionalism, responsibility and commitment medical nurses and technicians displayed  performing this difficult duty and tends to, in line with its capabilities, publicly promote this profession and encourage continuous advanced education of nursing staff – said Gen. Jevtić.

The best MMA medical nurses and technicians were awarded distinctions and certificates of merit. Mrs. Saška Štampar was nominated a ‘nurse of the year’.

In partnership with the military installations ‘Tara’ and ‘Vrnjacka banja’ (spa), 7-day stay at ‘Omorika' (spruce) and ‘Beli bor’ (white pine tree) hotels on the Tara mountain and at the ‘Breza’ (birch) hotel in Vrnjacka banja (spa) would be arranged for the best nurses.
The cultural program included performances of our actors Vesna Čipčić, Dragomir Milenković and entertainer Nada Popov.
On the occasion of the  International Nursing Day, a seminar on ‘Communication skills’ intended for medical nurses and technicians was conducted at the Military Medical Academy with the aim of building awareness of the importance of communication in professional life, relationship between medical staff and patients and among medical staff members within the expert teams as well. The seminar represents a specific form of medical contribution to quality of work of medical staff.

Lectures were delivered by Prof. Lelica Todorovic, MD  from the advanced medical school ‘Milutin Milankovic’ and attended by over 200 MMA medical nurses and technicians.

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