It is Prestigious again to Have the MMA’s Reference

09. 06. 2010

 Belgrade, June 8, 2010. – Professor Jordan Saveski a world renowned traumatologist was officially promoted into a visiting professor of the Military Medical Academy. Prof. Saveski delivered an introductory lecture on Phase Treatment of Pelvic Fracture in Politrauma Cases’’ upon which the MMA’s head, Major General, Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić awarded him the ‘’Visiting Professor’ plaque and the Decision taken at the 519th Session of the the MMA’s Teaching-Scientific Council by which that  appointment was verified.

‘Welcome to the board of great figures of the world medicine, who are visiting professors of our Military Medical Academy’’, said General Jevtić addressing Prof. Saveski. General stressed that the MMA is the institution which follows the highest standards of world medicine, and is open for cooperation with everyone on equal basis. ‘’We particularly appreciate those willing to share their great amount of knowledge and reach experience with us. Our visiting professors are Prof. Norman Rich, a living legend of the world vascular surgery, Prof. Thomas John, an ophthalmic surgeon at the Loyola University of Chicago, General Liv Sver Rosen, Prof. Miodrag Stojković, Prof. John Wolfe, the president of the European Society of Vascular Surgery, and many others’’, said General Jevtić.

Thanking for a warm welcome and reception, Prof. Saveski said that this promotion was one of the happiest days in his professional career. ‘I am proud to become a professor at the Military Medical Academy, the institution where at the time when I attended the MMA’s Reserve Officers School as a soldier started to show great affection towards surgery, while assisting the first surgical interventions. Surgery was and has been my great love, whilst the MMA has remained what it used to be ‘the most prestigious medical institution in the Balkans which is successfuly heading forward’’, said Prof.

Prof. Jordan Saveski was born in Bitolj, Macedonia. He completed the undergraduate medical studies and   residency program in surgery and traumatology in Skoplje. He is a full-time professor at the Skoplje Medical School and for some years he served as its  dean and vice-dean.

He was educated and trained in the eminent world healthcare institutions in Ohio, Hanover, Helsinki and Ludwigshafen. He received several prestigious awards and recognitions, and is the member of several national and international orthopedic-traumatological associations. He is the author of 202 scientific papers and seven books

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