Krsna Slava of His Holiness Patriarch Pavle was marked with the Holy Liturgy served at the MMA

13. 04. 2009

On the occasion of   ‘’Lazareva subota’’, Krsna slava of His Holiness, the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, His Eminence Archbishop Amfilohije Radovic of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral  served the Holy  Hierarchal  Liturgy in the paraklis of the St. Luka,  Archbishop of Simpheropol  at the Military Medical Academy.

The liturgy was attended by His Holiness, the Serbian Patriarch Pavle together with a great number of representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbian Minister of Religion, Mr. Bogoljub Šijaković,  Counsel to the President  of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Mlađan Đorđević, many distinguished representatives of  public, social and cultural life of Serbia, the members of the MMA Management Board led by its head Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić, heads of all MMA’s organizational units, MMA’s chief medical technicians and numerous patients treated at this institution.
On that occasion, Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral   said: ‘’Medical profession is divine and Christ –like. Medical professionals are entrusted the divine mission of safeguarding human lives and health. We deeply and highly appreciate everything the Military Medical Academy is doing for the health of our Patriarch as well as for enormous support and successful cooperation with our church’’.

At the end of the Liturgy, Metropolitan Amfilohije awarded, on behalf of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the MMA’s head, General Jevtić Medal of St Sava – the highest recognition of the Serbian Orthodox Church which is given for faithful and unselfish dedication to the Holy Mother Church, particularly for displayed unselfish humaneness in medical practice.
Having thanked for the awarded recognition, Genral Jevtić addressed the attendees to this occasion saying: ‘’Your Holiness, Your Eminence, dear guests, colleagues, I am well aware of the time we are living in and deeply convinced that the present occasion represents one of the historical  events that would  mark the present moment as well as the time that would come. Our Military and the Church have always been in the service of Serbian people, what has practically been confirmed here, in this temple of Serbian medicine, and, on the basis of which, conditions for strengthening physical and spiritual health of our people are created. As a man of the people and in the service of people, I am deeply devoted to sanctities that determine my life, and they are my family, the Military, Mother Church and our Military Medical Academy. I would like to congratulate His Holiness, the Serbian Patriarch Pavle on his Krsna Slava   wishing him to live a long life and wishing the God would protect us from the evils of injustice and keep us from all dangers and misfortunes that strike our people. This recognition is very precious to me for it is my dearest recognition I’ve been awarded with so far and it is a proof that all my previous work aimed at safeguarding national values has been recognized by our church and public, what gives me an incentive not to slacken  and strength to  continue going in the same direction’’. 

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