Lecture on heart insufficiency treatment

03. 05. 2017

The interclinical lecture on the treatment of patients with severe forms of heart insufficiency, a disease with more than 500,000 new cases per year in Europe, was held at the Military Medical Academy.
The lecture was held by Lt Col. assistant Dr. Zoran Jovic from the MMA Cardiology Clinic, and in addition to the pathophysiology of heart failure, which is considered a major problem due to the high prevalence and long, often repeated hospitalization of patients, Dr. Jovic also spoke about the new classification of the disease. He underlined a statistical fact that the survival rate is lower than in patients suffering from some forms of cancer, with the presentation of new research on the mechanisms of mineralocorticoid receptor blockers’ effect, the results of their use, and selectivity.
The lecture was held in order to point out the indications and clinical evidence that certain medicaments reduce the length of hospitalization and mortality in patients.

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