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Lectures in the field of radiological diagnostics

16. 10. 2017

Two lectures on magnetic resonance (MR) enterography, organized by the Institute of Radiology of the Military Medical Academy and the Association of Radiological Technicians and Nuclear Medicine Technicians of Serbia, were held at the MMA.
Dr Bojan Nikolic, specialist in radiology and Igor Mirkovic, a vocational medical radiologist from the Institute of Radiology of the MMA spoke about the leading diagnostic technique of the digestive tract, which provides detailed insight and obtains various precise data on the pathological conditions of the small intestine. In order to continuously educate the entire medical team involved in the preparation of patients and the examination itself, the numerous advantages of this non-invasive diagnostic method were highlighted; limitations in this field of radiological diagnosis were also mentioned, as well as preconditions for a successful examination.


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