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Lectures on communication skills at MMA

11. 04. 2023

Today at MMA, an education session was held on the topic of communication skills with aggressive and violent patients and protection from physical and verbal attacks by users of health services, organized by the Health Care Service of VMA.
In the introductory speech, the head of the MMA, colonel prof. Miroslav Vukosavljević, Ph.D., emphasized the importance and advantage of the establishment of the Health Care Service of the MMA, which once again recognized an important problem and launched a series of educational activities to support the further development of the nursing profession in our country. As he emphasized, all the activities of health care technicians were under the scrutiny of the public and not always in the best light, and unfortunately not always and when it was necessary. He also added that nurses and technicians manage both time and communications and stressful circumstances, but secretly, and that it was very difficult to bear a heavy burden, while at the same time being a dignified representative of the call responsible for most of the patient's care and recovery.
- Communication with different types of patients, the development of diseases, the perspective of recovery, are just some of the challenges and possible scenarios during which unforeseen events are our sad reality - said prof. Vukosavljević.
In order to prevent and reduce unwanted events to the smallest possible extent, and at the same time to improve the relationship between a health worker and a patient, lectures intended for health care technicians and all interested members of the Military Medical Academy were held by assistant. Dr. Vesna Tepšić Ostojić and Prof. Dr. Zvezdana Stojanović from the Psychiatry Clinic of the MMA. Theoretical training on methods and processes of communication, management of emotions, principles of assertive communication will continue in the coming period with the education of MMA employees through workshops and practical examples.

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