MMA - A Cooperation Bridge between Serbia and Libya

06. 09. 2010

Belgrade, September 06, 2010. – During its  several-day working visit to our country, the four-member delegation of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  led by Maj.Gen. Mukhtar Salem Abushkev paid a visit to the Military Medical Academy, in the course of which it could raised its awareness of the capabilities and the most significant results of our institution. The guests from Libya were warmly welcomed by Maj. Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and his associates.

 ‘’Welcome to the Military Medical Academy, the Balkans temple of health and science, the institution in which treatment, education and scientific research activities are coordinated and smoothly   conducted under the one roof. We are willing to share all our knowledge with the others, and ready to learn from the others for the benefit of us all. That’s why the MMA is today considered to be not only the national treasure but a cooperation bridge and a crucial resource of our state and its Armed Forces’, said General 
 Jevtić. He recalled a long tradition of successful cooperation between Serbia and Libya in the area of military medicine, and expressed his strong determination to have that cooperation further enhanced within the framework of bilateral military cooperation between the two countries

The guests from Libya were then presented the   Military Medical Academy’s ID with a special focus given to its educational-scientific potentials and educational and training capabilities. During the discussion, all the possibilities to establish military medical cooperation were reviewed.
Expressing his gratitude for cordial welcome they were offered and fruitful talks they had, Gen. Abushkev said that he was honored to had a chance to learn more about the MMA, the institution representing a Serbian giant in the area of medical profession and science, and expressed as well his confidence that the Libyan medical personnel would have a lot to learn from the MMA’s experts. 

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