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28. 10. 2010

Belgrade, October 28, 2010. – Intensive international cooperation activities the Military Medical Academy has carried out over recent years and months and a large number of delegations visiting our institution and expressing on such occasions their great interest in not only its achievements and capabilities but possibilities of extending cooperation, indicates that our institution serves as an example of organizational structuring and functioning of one modern military healthcare facility. That was the fact reiterated by the representatives of the high-ranking delegations of the Ministry of Defense of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Kingdom of Denmark, Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Namibia as well who were in official visits to the Military Medical Academy over the resent days.

The Delegation of Iran impressed with a medical city
During the visit to our institution, the military medical delegation of Iran led by Brigadier General Dr. Mohammad Hoseyn Lashgari, the head of the Department of Military Health and Training of the Armed Forces members, expressed their satisfaction for having the opportunity to learn what a medical colossus the Military Medical Academy is, and to  review with its leadership, whose members are leaders in many fields of medical profession, possibilities of advancing cooperation in the domains of treatment and education. ‘’ You are a medical city we have had the opportunity to read and learn a lot about, but everything is much more grandly when seen on the ground. We are willing to learn from you, and that would be a great honor for us’’, said General Lashgari thanking General Jevtić for a warm reception.
‘’We want to share all our knowledge with the others, and to learn from the others as well,  and, thus, contribute to the advancement of medical science and profession.  It is the mission  of  the MMA as the top military medical, scientific and educational institution open and committed to cooperate within the framework of the international activities of our Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces’’, said General Jevtić.
Republic of Namibia: Great interest in education of physicians at the Military Medical Academy

The Defence Minister of the Republic of Namibia General Charles DNP Namoloh and his associates one of which was the head of the Armed Forces Medical Services, Brigadier General Sophia Ndeitinga paid a visit to the Military Medical Academy to discuss with the highest representatives of our institution all the aspects of cooperation, i.e. the assistance of the Military Medical Academy in the areas of professional and scientific development  and management of military medical facilities, including management board  members and medical personnel  training  as well as technology consulting assistance.
‘’The purpose of our being here is to extend and enhance cooperation that once was established with former Yugoslavia, who provided a great assistance and help to Namibia in its struggle for liberation. We highly appreciate it and are willing to learn from you. Our intention is to have our junior physicians educated and trained at your Medical School as to create a pool of good physicians and soldiers. We want them to start their education with the next generation’’, said the Namibian Defense Minister.
The MMA’s head Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić reiterated that it was quite clear that the Military Medical Academy was determined to cooperation so that the Namibian Military Medical Services could have a reliable partner in our institution. ‘Our academic and professional potentials are great, and we are ready to jointly identify the modalities of our future cooperation. We also strongly believe that your junior physicians would have a lot to learn at our Military Medical Academy, and that our colleagues who would come here for their further professional development and advancement in the fields of medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy would serve as our ambassadors on the African continent’’, said General Jevtić.

In addition to the MMA’s management board members, the talks held in our institution were attended by the MoD State secretary for Military Health, Dr. Zoran Vesić.

Cooperation with the Kingdom of Denmark: Establishment of Psychological Test Center 

For the purpose of finalizing final preparatory activities relating to the establishment of the Psychological Testing Center within the Military Medical Academy, our institution was paid a visit by Col. Kurt Refsgard from the Kingdom of Denmark Ministry of Defense which would donate required IT equipment and install selection software. Furnishing of the above mentioned Center is planned to be completed by the end of 2010. The establishment of other centers for psychological testing  in the Niš Military Hospital, and Karaburma and Novi Sad Military Medical Centers which would be  linked with the is Main Center at MMA, is expected to be completed till the end of 2011.

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