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MMA - from idea to realization

20. 10. 2023

On this day, October 20, 1981, at 9:00 a.m., the Head of the Military Healthcare Department of the SFRY, Major General Prof. Dr. Stanislav Piščević, officially opened the new building of the Military Medical Academy on Banjički Vis in Belgrade.
After the end of the Second World War, the then Main Military Hospital, and from 1950, together with the Military Hygiene Institute and the Medical Officer School, the Military Medical Academy was located in four locations, quite far from each other. This hindered the teamwork of various specialists in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the rational and economical use of personnel and equipment. The existing facilities could not provide the conditions for modern treatment, including the most necessary patient comfort.
Negotiations between the City of Belgrade and the military authorities of the YPA regarding the deployment of the MMA lasted a long time. The decisive decision was made by General Nikola Ljubičić, then Federal Secretary for National Defence and President of the Belgrade City Assembly Branko Pešić on the relocation of the MMA to the location of Banjica. The MMA facility with 1,350 beds in the old locations was given to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade and the Belgrade Health Service.
Preparations for the construction of the new MMA facility began in 1972. The design of the new building began at the end of 1973, and construction work, which began in July 1975, lasted until October 1981.
In the world, there are few examples of hospital solutions of such size and capacity as the new MMA building, which is located in a unique building and was built, one might say, in one breath.
The complete content and appearance of the new MMA building were obtained based on a narrow competition in which five architects participated. A compact concept was adopted, the so-called "monoblock", which means that the entire content is arranged under one roof. The authors of this solution were YPA colonel Josip Osojnik and Slobodan Nikolić, graduates in architectural engineering.
The area of the entire Military Complex of the Military Medical Academy is 20.8 hectares. Moving into the new facility itself took several months, and all parts were put into normal operation at the beginning of 1982. There were 1150 beds available for hospitalization.
In 2018, the current Administration of the MMA launched the Project "Energy efficiency in public buildings and renewable energy sources in the district heating sector - Greening of the public sector - Rehabilitation of the MMA hospital" within the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Germany.
For the realization of this project, on June 15 2023 a contract was signed with the company "Management4health GmbH" from SR Germany. The first meeting was held on July 18, 2023. in which their representatives presented their offer. The details regarding the implementation of the project, which is divided into three phases, were agreed upon, and according to the proposed dynamics, the completion of the works is scheduled for the end of 2029.
The management of the MMA is committed to the maximum due to implementing this large project according to the proposed dynamics and including all the necessary works.

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