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09. 05. 2011

Transplant program
We can add four more kidney transplants (two cadaveric and two from a living donor) that were successfully conducted during April to the previous balance of 21 liver transplants and over 300 kidney transplants conducted in our establishment so far.
As part of its further development and improvement of the transplant program,  Military Medical Academy is continuing to train its colleagues from the Banja Luka Clinical Centre in implementation of kidney transplants, after successfully completed training program for their colleagues at the Niš Clinical Centre.
“Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Serbian Army “
 As part of cooperation between the Serbian Ministry of Defense and US Ministry of Defense on the project titled “Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Serbian Army”, Military Medical Academy hosted the accredited training of the 1st category on April 18th and 19th, dedicated to prevention and control of HIV infection and AIDS through voluntary classified counseling and testing for HIV”.
Our recognized epidemiologists, Prim. Mr Sci. med.  Dragan Ilić, Director of the Youth Association Against AIDS, JAZAS, and Primarius Mr Sci. Med. Mila Paunić, Head of the Centre for Prevention of AIDS and STDs,  who deal with this very delicate segment of prevention of HIV/AIDS in civilian population since the appearance of first cases of this illness in our country, were active participants in the work of this training, which was attended by 21 health workers of different profiles, from doctors of medicine to health-care technicians.
Education and training for another 25 health workers of the Serbian Army was announced in the area of voluntary classified counseling and testing for HIV; which will be carried out in May this year.
Health care
 MMA’s dedication to improvement of health care quality and the role of nurses in treatment and care of patients has been confirmed with the Silver Sign Award, which was presented to our employee, Lazarević Biljana, Head Laboratory Technician of the Histochemistry Department at the MMA Centre for Pathology and Forensics Medicine, with the award that is presented for work and engagement on preservation of cultural and historic heritage of nurses, health-care technicians and midwives, on improvement of the role and significance of their work, on national and international scene, and for strategic, cultural, expert and research activities. All the heath establishments in Serbia had the right to participate in the contest for this award. Host of the award presentation ceremony was Stari Grad municipality, and the organizer was the Association of Health Workers of Republic of Serbia.

Recognition for selfless philanthropy in medical service to others  

Valjevo’s Bishop Milutin presented the Medal of Bishop Nikolaj Vladimirović to Colonel Professor Dr Zoran Kovačević, Chief of the Division of Nephrology and Transplantation at the Military Medical Academy, at the Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ in Valjevo. This highest recognition of Valjevo Diocese was presented to respectable Professor as a man and a humanist who offered and continues to offer selfless aid in medical treatment of monks, priests, hierarchs and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and who supports, aids and incites many organizations with his charity work, so that aid could reach those who need it most.
Continuation of traced road of international cooperation
Visit of Deputy Chief of MMA to Republic of Namibia: Education of doctors at the Military Medical Academy
Deputy Chief of MMA, Colonel Doc. Dr Dragan Dinčić stayed on a return visit to the Military Health Service of Republic of Namibia, during which talks were continued with the Chief of Military Medical Service, Brigadier General Ndeitinga Sophia about the possibilities for improvement and expansion of bilateral cooperation of two countries. Training of military health care physicians of Republic of Namibia at the MMA Faculty of Medicine was one of the sectors in which the Namibian side expressed special interest.
Meeting of Serbian-Norwegian common Administrative Board and Work Group for military medical cooperation 
Meeting of Administrative Board and Common Work Group for military medical cooperation of Serbia and Norway, which was held at MMA, presented another one of agreed activities within the bilateral military cooperation of the two countries. During the meeting, analysis of conducted activities was carried out, they saw the achieved results and considered activities and plans of this cooperation over the next period, especially in the domain of expert training of men power for engagement in international missions. Concept of this cooperation will be specified with the signing of a new Technical Agreement.  

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