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Marking the Day of the Military Medical Service

30. 07. 2014

On the occasion of July 30, Day of the Military Medical Service, a solemn celebration was organized in the MMA amphitheater. Beside its hosts, the event was also attended by the Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic and the Head of the SAF General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic accompanied by his colleagues.
Congratulating the anniversary to the service members, Minister Gasic stressed out that boasting 175-year long tradition also represents one type of obligation.
-This is why it is important for us to continue developing the system of military healthcare. We do not have the right to make mistakes, because that is what our citizens deserve and what we owe to them – said Minister of Defence, reminding of the rich tradition of the Medical Service in our country.
According to him, stating that one is a military doctor bears special weight and automatically involves knowledge in the field of medicine, but also professionalism, devotedness and commitment to both work and patients without making the difference between military and civilian healthcare coverage.
That is one well known fact among all Serbian citizens, those undergoing treatment in one of the military medical centers as well as those having been visited by military physicians in the regions difficult to reach. The people around the world are also familiar with because our medical staff participate in multinational operations. Our cadets at the Military Medical Academy are the guarantee that this tradition will be continued; the first class of future military doctors will be promoted in 2015, which will be a great event for the entire system – Minister of Defence stated.
Gasic also pointed out that we are aware of the severity of the moment we live and work in, and that is why efforts are being made to allocate as much money as possible for us to be able to respond, both technologically and staff-wise, to all international standards in this area. Another confirmation of quality is the fact that foreign delegations, during their visit to our country, always visit the Military Medical Academy.
Head of the Military Healthcare Department Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Zoran Popovic stressed that the military medical service has been and still is one of the best parts of our armed forces, always at our country’s disposal.
- In the past year, we have once again confirmed our presence in times of greatest difficulties. We were there for each patient who turned to us, and reached those in need. During the horrible floods, that had hit a larger part of the region, the entire military medical service performed their tasks in the best possible manner – General Popovic said.
In the course of this solemn occasion, Asst. Prof. Dr. Veljko Todorovic presented his book, co-written with Dr. Aleksandar Nedok and Dr. Branislav Popovic, titled: “Serbian Military Medical Services in the First World War”, published in the year of marking the centenary of the beginning of the First World War.
As in previous years, the Department of Military Healthcare presented the award for the author work in the field of medical science to Colonel Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Jovic and Prof. Dr. Zvonko Magic for their work “Clinical Significance of Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in Oral Planocellular Carcinomas”.
Celebration of the Military Medical Service Day began July 30 1839 when Dr. Emmerich Lindenmeier was appointed the first Head of the Serbian Military Medical Service, by the Regulation on establishing garrisons.

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