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Medical demonstration exercise "Spring 2016" held

19. 05. 2016

Today in the premises of the Military Medical Academy and "Banjica" Barracks, medical demonstration exercise "Spring 2016" was held. The exercise was monitored by Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic, with members of the Collegium, Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic, Acting Head of the Military Health Department Colonel Ugljesa Jovicic, MD, US Ambassador Kyle Scott and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Arne Bjørnstad, foreign military representatives, Deputy Head of the Military Medical Academy Colonel Prof. Dragan Dincic, MD, with his associates, teachers of the MMA clinics and institutes.
The exercise, which began on 12 May, involved students of the 9th Class for the medical service reserve officers, cadets of the 2nd class of the MMA Faculty of Medicine, University of Defence, teachers of the MMA clinics and institutes, in cooperation with representatives of the future Balkan Medical Task Force - from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. They showed the implementation of medical care and assistance to the population in emergency situations.
The guests were welcomed by Acting Chief of the Military Health Department Colonel Jovicic. Commander of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Kovacevic spoke about the purpose of the exercise, and a student, Lance Corporal Milan Stajic, in the role of a Chief of Staff and a cadet Staff Sergeant First Class Nemanja Jacimovic, in the role of a Chief Medical Officer, have introduced the audience into the situation on the ground.
Cadet Staff Sergeant First Class Milos Bojanic, who was in the role of a commander of the medical company, took the present around the points. They were introduced to the work of preventive medical team, mixed psychological and psychiatric team; they were shown the work at the reception-triage and evacuation department, at the pharmacy with sterilization, and operation of mobile surgical teams and in the stationary of the deployable medical facility.
Lieutenant Colonel Haris Gazic from Bosnia and Herzegovina presented the concept of the Balkan Medical Task Force, and as a peculiarity of the exercise, the cooperative work of the centre within the deployable medical facility, was demonstrated, organized by the representatives of Macedonia, which was established for the purpose of co-operation with the Balkan Medical Task Force.
US Ambassador Kyle Scott, in his media statement said that the exercise was a great example of cooperation and professionalism and that joint action of the Balkan Medical Task Force was a major step forward in cooperation in the region in emergency situations.
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Arne Bjørnstad, also pointed out an impressive example of cooperation between the military forces in the region, which will help the population affected by natural disasters and on that occasion he said:
- We hope that this initiative will be another good example of cooperation which will help to further enhancement of the joint work of all the countries participating in this initiative. Common problems need common solutions, and everything I saw today was impressive.
The Balkan Medical Task Force project has been current for several years now and it will gain in importance in our immediate environment due to the frequent floods and natural disasters.
- The aim is to create a universal form where the forces in the region – the Balkan Medical Task Force – will be able to act a cooperative manner and universally on the ground of any of the countries in this region – Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Kovacevic said adding that in these forces include specialists according to the specialist branches that are represented in the light field hospitals, so that the care has superior treatment.

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