Military Medical Academy in the Serbian and Regional Scientific Arena

13. 10. 2010

Belgrade, October 13, 2010. – Over the recent period, the MMA’s experts had the opportunity to successfully present our institution at several scientific events held in our country.

Recently held 10th Congress of Serbian Toxicologists was the one several experts from the Military Medical Academy and our Military Medical Services took an active part.  Through successfully delivered lectures and discussions, they affirmed results achieved by our toxicologists and the MMA’s Poison Control Center as a national referral center.
This Event brought together representatives of the European Association of Toxicologists, Ministry of Defense and Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia and respective republic agencies.

The Armed Forces civilian employees, Prof. Dr. Slavica Vučinić, the head of the MMA’s Poison Control Center and Assist. Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Ristanović, the head of the MMA’s Morale and PR Department drew the attendees’ particular attention by delivering lectures on   chemical accident management and the role our institution has to play in medical management of chemical casualties, and our public awareness raising activities in    biological and chemical accident situations  as a segment of crisis communication.

The 2nd International Symposium devoted to the sports medicine „Palić 2010“ was another event in which the MMA’s experts participated.  The Armed Forces civilian employee Prof. Dr. Sonja Radaković, the head of the Hygiene Institute and Capt. Dr. Nikola Čikiriz, a specialist in sports medicine, were those who presented capabilities of our institution, its accomplishments achieved so far and the MMA’s plans for the future regarding investigation of  physiology of effort and acclimatization to extreme natural and physiological conditions, as well as the experiences the MA gained in providing medical and preventive support to sports events.

Through active participation of its neurologists, the MMA gave its contribution to the 6th Joint Meeting of Neurology Sections of the Serbian and Montenegrin Medical Societies held in Bečići (Montenegro) with international participation. Over 120 neurologists and neuroradiologists from Serbia, Montenegro, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska, Macedonia and Slovenia among whom 8 were from the Military Medical Academy took an active part. Colonel Prof. Dr. Ranko  Raičević,  who was also the president of the Organizing Committee, along with the AF civilian employee, Assist. Prof. Dr. Evica Dinčić, and Major Dr. Željko Krsmanović did an  outstanding job by delivering lectures on cerebrovascular disorders, multiple sclerosis and novelties in diagnosis of neurological diseases.

On October 7-10, 2010, Belgrade hosted the 11th Congress of Anesthesiologists of Serbia, and the 1st Balkan Symposium of Anesthesiologists and Intesivists in which the participation of doctors from the MMA’s Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive care was highly remarkable. The AF civilian employee, Prof. Dr. Maja Šurbatović took on the role of a moderator of a session devoted to sepsis and delivered a lecture on genetics of sepsis. Mrs. Dušica Stamenković, M.D., moderated the session dealing with lung diseases and anesthesia. Colonel Assist. Milić Veljović, M.D. and Mrs. Snežana Kovačević, M.D. gave lectures within the framework of the same session. A moderator of a session on epidural anesthesia and one of the lecturers was Vojislava Nešković, M.D., who took part in the trauma session as well.
Within the framework of epidural anesthesia session, a lecture was given by Mrs. Dušica Stamenković, M.D., who also served in the capacity of a lecturer in the session relating to air ways and the instructor of the workshop devoted to this area.
Sessions on infections in the Critical Care units were moderated by Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić. Professor Dr. Vesna Šuljagić was one of the lecturers in that session. With his two lectures, Prof. Romić participated in the session relating to the novelties in anesthesia. Primarius Krasimirka Grujić, M.D., was awarded the first prize for her poster presentation of the paper titled ‘’Serum bicarbonates, arterial base deficit/excess and SAPS III score in critically ill patients’’ which was authored by a group of experts from the Military Medical Academy 

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