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Minister Djordjevic with his associates donated blood

04. 05. 2017

Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic, State Secretary Nenad Nerić and the member staff of the Military Healthcare Department donated blood at the Institute for Transfusion and Hemobiology of the Military Medical Academy. Apart from the humanity goal, having participated in this action, Defence Minister wanted to influence on the defence system member staff’s awareness of the humanitarian activities importance.
"Enough blood for the ill" is the basic rule of the employees at the Institute for Transfusion and Hemobiology who, due to their commitment, never have threatened the life of a patient or anyone due to blood shortage, not for a moment. The Institute collects 9,000 liters of blood per year from about 18,000 voluntary blood donors. In addition to the blood collection campaigns outside the Institute, everyday about 35 persons donate this precious liquid at the Institute.

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