Minister launches a new linear accelerator at the MMA

20. 12. 2011

Minister Sutanovac launched today a new linear accelerator at the Institute of Radiology, at the Military Medical Academy. This piece of newly acquired equipment is intended for patients with malignant changes in their body and each shift will be able to treat up to 40 patients, six patients per hour, which will significantly reduce the number of those on waiting lists.

On that occasion, Sutanovac said that the reforms of the defense system include a comprehensive reform of the military health care, and this new linear accelerator, which has now been put into operation, is one of the medical devices which will significantly increase the capacity of the MMA.

- Besides the neurological microscope, this linear accelerator is just the beginning of acquiring new equipment, and next year we will continue to equip all military hospitals in Serbia, because we finally have clear budget figures for health care which will provide further progress of the military health care - said Sutanovac.

By purchasing this piece of equipment, according to him, the MMA will be able to treat four times more patients than the number of military health care beneficiaries, which is why we will place this machine at the disposal to the civilians who will have the opportunity to be treated at the MMA. As times go on, we become reassured every day said the Minister, that this institution is open to all patients, and MoD will continue with this trend in the future as well.

Head of the MMA Brigadier General Professor Marijan Novakovic MD spoke in his address at the launch ceremony about the importance of the new equipment stressing that its use is most common in the treatment of patients with malignant diseases, and in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

- The machine is modern both in design and in all its characteristics, and allows greater patient flux, while ensuring better protection of those who handle it. In this way we will be able to reduce the large number of patients waiting for radiological treatment- General Novakovic said, adding that apart from the recently purchased neurosurgical microscope this brand new equipment provides more opportunities to the previous machines purchase three decades ago.

The procurement plan for the coming year year, he said, envisions purchasing new parts for the microscope, which will increase its performance and allow more precise neuronavigation in reaching tumors.

Speaking about the waiting lists, General Novakovic said that when it comes to military health care beneficiaries, there are hardly any beneficiaries on waiting lists, while the civilian patients wait an average of up to one month and a half. The company which made the machine is "Electra" and cost about 270 thousand EUR.

In addition to purchasing new appliances, according to Minister Sutanovac, the MMA has recently solved the problem of having a private parking space, which has been a long-term burden to patients and the institution itself.

- The investment of more than 50 million RSD, in cooperation with Belgrade "Parking service" has freed the MMA from the traffic chaos it was facing, and now anyone can use the parking space- said Sutanovac.

Answers to reporters’ questions

When asked about the statements made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the need to abolish parallel institutions in Kosovo and Metohija, the Minister stressed that Serbia is well on the European road and that in order to get the candidacy we have to meet certain standards.

- The fact that there is a political obstacle that recently posed before us as a demand, that is the abolition of parallel structures, indicates that the issue should be approached analytically. This cannot be done overnight, bearing in mind that parallel structure of the Albanians in Kosovo in terms of health and education have existed for many years - said Minister Suatnovac adding that he would insist on the protection of human rights protection and the educational system as a something that anchors Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija bearing in mind that it is unacceptable that children learn the programs implemented by Kosovo administration.

Commenting on allegations that the Ministry of Defence is one of the ministries that has experienced the greatest budget impact with a by far the largest reduction in funds, Sutanovac said that none of the analysts properly read the financial report of the MoD.
- Most of this budget reduction relates to the transferring military pensions from the MoD which is why we are presented with the SAF’s budget alone. Until recently there were rumors that the Serbian Army has had the largest budget in the country, and now it's clear to everyone that this is not true. We are not happy with such a budget, but we follow the trend of economic development of Serbia and try to help the Serbian economy trying to get the best piece of the cake in terms of allocation of budgetary funds- said Sutanovac adding that despite a reduction in the budget, continue to equip. 

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