Minister of Defence Opened a New Angio Room and Talked to the MMA’s Students

25. 12. 2009

 Belgrade, December 25, 2009. – Minister of Defense Mr. Dragan Šutanovac with his associates paid a visit to the Military Medical Academy, where he officially opened a new Angio Room, the most sophisticated equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in Vascular- Interventional Radiology. It is about the apparatus that allows for performance of precise and complex procedures involving cardio-cerebral blood vessels, and ranks as the most advanced medical equipment of its kind existing in Europe.
During the visit, the Minister Šutanovac visited the MMA’s School for Advanced Studies, where he stayed rather long and talked with the students – the MMA’s cadets

Launching Ceremony of a New Angio Room

‘’You are the witnesses that the Military Medical Academy has, in the course of this year, gone through intensive technological modernization process, what is the imperative of Medicine. In that respect, a New Angio Room Project is a good way to end the current year at the Military Medical Academy and the whole Defense System as well’’, said the Minister Šutanovac who together with the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr.
Miodrag Jevtić cut the tape to officially open a new Angio Room.

‘’It is important that, at the Military Medical Academy, we can offer the best in medical care for our military patient population as well as high-quality medical care for civilians treated here, who wouldn’t need to wait in long lines any more’’, said the Minister. He reminded the present that, since this year, Niš and Novi Sad Military Hospitals have been integrated into the National Public Health System, and that their equipping would be one of our objectives as well. The aim of the Defence System is to have military health facilities highly regarded and recognizable. ‘’Our goal is to create a worldwide known brand, the Serbian Health System, which is even today recognizable in both Congo and Chad’’, said the Minister Šutanovac mentioning that, throughout the world, there is a great interest in engaging our physicians.

The Minister also said that Euro 1,8 million grant was awarded for equipping a New Angio-Room adding that all the state-of-the-art apparatuses bought for the MMA’s needs were economically effective, and that after only a short while they would start to generate profit for the Defense System, which was allocated a very restrictive budget for 2010.

The MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić said that it was a big day for their institution for it was about an sophisticated apparatus ensuring considerable reduction in waiting-time, and allowing the MMA’s physicians to rapidly and effectively respond to life-threatening medical emergencies.

Dr. Jevtić expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Defense for the provided support hoping that the Ministry would continue to invest into equipping of the Military Medical Academy for the benefit of not only military patient population, but all the citizens of Serbia

The head of the MMA’s Radiology Institute, LtCol. Dr. Slobodan Ćulafić introduced the guests into the capabilities of a new Angio Room. By purchasing this new angio apparatus of double pipe type, we have ensured that diagnostic and therapeutic procedures can be performed in a considerably shorter period of time, and safely due to the resolution of the image and the most sophisticated software capabilities. This apparatus allows for conducting two examinations in the same time frame what significantly reduces the duration of the procedure itself and the time of both patients’ and physicians’ exposure to radiation. At the same time, the total quantity of contrast substance injected in the patient is reduced what, in the long run, results in financial saving. A good image resolution ensures safe and precise stent placement in Interventional Cardiology. It plays a very important role in the treatment of cerebral blood vessels for it allows for the production of 3D real picture and, thus, safe conduct of the procedure’’, said LtCol. Ćulafić. He pointed out that, within cardiac and neurocardiac programs framework, 10 and 2 patients respectively can be examined each day using this apparatus. However, there is an estimated number of 2200 MMA’s patients undergoing 2314 therapeutic interventional cardiology procedures every year. With regard to therapeutic interventional neurology procedures for the treatment of cranial blood vessel diseases, 110 very complicated intracranial stenting procedures have been performed on inoperable patients this year..
This apparatus will also ensure considerable improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and development of the acute heart /brain attack treatment program as well, what would lead to the reduction in the number of conventional surgical procedures.

Discussion with the cadets of the MMA’s School for Advanced Studies

Accompanied by the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and the dean of MMA’s School for Advanced Studies, Col. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Čolić, the Serbian Defence Minister Dragan Šutanovac saw the deanery, classrooms, workshops and the Boarding School where the cadets are accommodated, thus taking an insight into the quality of their living and working conditions.
On that occasion, the Minister Šutanovac stayed there for a rather long discussion with the MMA’s cadets. He was interested in hearing about the details of the activities of their everyday life and work.

‘’Our aim is to make you through your education excellent officers and top physicians. I am satisfied with the results you have achieved so far. I wish you to continue that way’’, said the Minister. He stressed that the MMA’s cadets had the advantage over their colleagues attending civilian medical schools not only in terms of living conditions and quality of knowledge they can acquire, but the fact that immediately upon completion of their six-year medical program they would enter the Defense Medical Services and be offered predictable career paths.

The Minister called on the cadets to continue the process of acquiring new knowledge and thus contribute to the development of the Defense Medical Services’ brand, for which Serbia is already recognizable far beyond its boundaries.

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