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New Method at the MMA Institute of Radiology

02. 04. 2014

Professional team of the Vascular Interventional Radiology Department of the MMA Institute of Radiology collaborating with the physicians from the Clinic for Emergency Internal Medicine and Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery introduced new treatment procedure in its routine practice- ultrasound-facilitated intravascular thrombolysis.
The named method has been applied in numerous cases of highly risked, life-threatening patients who have not had the indications for the other existing treatment methods nor they have given expected results. That includes the patients with thrombolytic emboli, superior mesenteric artery thrombosis and occluded grafts after the surgeries of lower limbs. All patients demonstrated excellent therapeutic effects without local and systemic complications.
Principle of new method consists of intravascular fibrinolytic therapy application. Ultrasound raises the influence of fibrinolytics up to 100 times, providing fibrinolysis in contraindicated patients or those in direct post-operative recovery. Its advantage, considered as a standard in United States along with thromboaspiration is also related to the treatment possibilities of artery and vein occlusions in the first six months.
In this way, Military Medical Academy became one of few hospitals in Southeast Europe applying the ultrasound-facilitated intravascular thrombolysis.

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