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13. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 13, 2010. –At the invitation of the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić, the deans of all Medical Schools in Serbia got together at the Military Medical Academy to overview once again   their previous academic cooperation   and modalities of its further advancement in the areas of education and  training, scientific research and publishing activity.

During the working session, the  deans of  Medical Schools in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac and  Priština / Kosovska Mitrovica, Academician Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bumbaširević, Prof. dr. Nikola Grujić, Prof. Dr. Milan Višnjić, Prof. Dr. nebojša Arsenijević and prof. Dr. Nebojša Mitić were introduced into the  accomplishments, missions and visions of the Military Medical Academy as the top military medical, scientific-research and educational institution, as well as the organization, work and  results achieved by the cadets of the MMA’s School for Advanced Medical Studies. They were afterwards given tours of the Deanery, lecture theaters, and the Boarding School and had the opportunity to talk with its leadership and cadets.

A joint press conference followed, after which Protocols on business-technical cooperation between MMA and Novi Sad and Niš Medical Schools were signed. It was stressed that the same protocols had already been entered into with Kragujevac and Kosovska Mitrovica Schools of Medicine, and announced that the existing and excellent inter-personal and inter-institutional cooperation with the Belgrade Medical School would be made official by signing the Protocol.

Summarizing the outcomes of the meeting viewed as an event of historical importance for the Serbian academic medical arena, the MMA’s head, major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić said the following:
’’For a long time, medicine hasn’t been viewed as a profession only. It lives as a profession, science and school, what is confirmed through the practice of the MMA as an institution in which treatment, education and scientific research are smoothly carried out under the one roof. By the Decision of the Serbian Government as of 2009, upon the completion of the accreditation process, the MMA’s School for Advanced Medical Studies was established. The MMA’s academic potential was thus practically valorized, and our institution formally became what, to its essence, it has always been– an integral part of our academic sphere, the state of Serbia. The MMA’s cadets are preparing to make themselves   good physicians and even better officers’’, said General.

He also reiterated that the education offered by the MMA is based on the mentor-college system; it is free of charge, and all its resources as well as accommodation in its Boarding School are available to the cadets; each cadet is assigned a mentor, and their education is tailored to the needs of the Defense System of Serbia; upon completion of their studies, they would have a secured job and guided career.

‘’The First Class of cadets have completed their first year of study with the GPA of 9,14 thus justifying our expectations to the full. Our colleagues from other medical schools in Serbia who are involved in the teaching process at the Military Medical Academy share the same opinion. So academic cooperation among our educational institutions does exist, however it might and must be strengthened and advanced, within the holly mission of caring and improving human health as an universal value we as doctors and followers of the Hypocrite’s path  are committed to’, said General  and  stressed that the deans of the medical schools in Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Kosovska Mitrovica and the MMA’s School for Advanced Medical Studies showed through their practice  that the future belong to those who have a clear  idea about it, proving that they are involved in  the same mission, in the service of health, and have a clear vision of their work and progress.

‘’We have freed ourselves from our vanity and envy for good, and are now oriented towards our future. We are determined to work together with you, to exchange our professors, share our study programs, knowledge and experiences, to concentrate our efforts on resolving the most complex medical problems using scientific methods and apply the results of scientific work in our everyday practice! Today’s meeting is viewed as the first step on the long path ahead of us, on which  we would  gather together so many times to discuss, make agreements, sometimes even intellectually confront  each other  but  with the one aim only, to make the future better than the present, and our people and children healthier and happier’’, concluded General Jevtić.

The deans of other medical schools presented similar impressions, and thanked the MMA’s Management for its initiative to organize such an event and the overall cooperation as well.
’’I am proud of being once a resident at the Military Medical Academy, where I have acquired and mastered a great amount of knowledge and skills. I am happy for being in a position to sign as a dean a Protocol on Academic Cooperation with this outstanding institution’’, said  the dean of the Niš Medical School, Prof. Dr. Milan Višnjić.  

 ‘’ The Military Medical Academy is a giant with which the Kragujevac Medical School has developed successful cooperation lasting for many years. However, this day has a historical value for the academic community of Serbia and Serbian medicine’’, said Prof. Dr. Nebojša Arsenijević, the dean of the Kragujevac School of Medicine.

The dean of the Priština Medical School temporarily based in Kosovska Mitrovica, Prof. Dr.  Nebojša Mitić thanked the Military Medical Academy and General Jevtić for  the comprehensive assistance and support provided so far to the institution he  heads and the people living in that area, and expressed as well his satisfaction with the held meeting and achieved results.

’’On behalf of the School staff I am heading, Serbian  Association of  Medical Schools   I am presiding and whose fellowship was awarded to the Military Medical Academy  last year and myself as well,  I would like to congratulate the Military Medical Academy on all its achievements’’, said the dean of the Novi Sad Medical School, prof. Dr. Nikola  Grujić. ‘’Everything I have seen here today surpasses greatly all I have ever learned about it. So, go ahead! There is no room for easiness!’’, said Prof. Grujić, who later on wrote down those lines in the MMA’s Book of Impressions.

‘’I am indeed happy to know that we would join our efforts and coordinate them towards   strengthening of our academic potentials, and expect as well to formalize our  longstanding cooperation, the outcomes of which are numerous joint commissions, scientific projects and its results. However, we can and must do more and better!’’, said the dean of the Belgrade Medical School, Academician, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bumbaširević.

Present at the meeting were also the members of the  Management Board, acting dean and vice deans of the  School for Advanced Studies and the members of the Teaching-Scientific Council of the Military Medical Academy.

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