New Transplant Surgeries Performed at the MMA

08. 09. 2010

Belgrade, September 08, 2010. – Last night, the MMA’s expert team performed  3 new cadaver transplantations.

Complete pre-operative procedures as well as explantation and transplantation of the organs were performed at the Military Medical Academy. The liver was transplanted into a 32-year old patient D.J. from Ivanjica, whilst the kidney recipients were M.S. (51) from Kruševac and D.M. (28) from Prokuplje.
The whole surgical procedure was directed by the MMA’s head, Maj.Gen. Prof..Dr. Miodrag Jevtić, who expressed his enormous satisfaction with top achievements of the MMA’s transplant teams.

‘‘Thanks to exceptionally life-saving efforts, three lives have been saved, and this is one more practical contribution of ours to the ‘Prolong the Life’ National Action’, said General Jevtić. 

He particularly thanked the family of the deceased Đ.D. (51) for giving their permission to remove organs from the decedent for transplantation purposes.
This is the 13th liver transplant surgery performed at the Military Medical Academy and 298th kidney transplantation.
There are currently 5   liver and 4 kidney transplant patients in the MMA’s Organ Transplantation Center recovering from transplant surgeries and attending regular postoperative check-ups.
The expert team of our institution continues to undertake intensive activities aimed at further advancement of the Transplant Program. 

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