Nobility as Professional and Lifetime Orientation

19. 12. 2009

Belgrade, December 19, 2009. – Doctors from the Military Medical Academy Gordana Dimitrić and Žaklina Spasić were awarded two special plaques for the ‘Most Noble Act of the Year’ at the traditional event sponsored by the Daily press ‘Večernje novosti’
‘’High professionalism, expertise and nobility, Dr. Dimitrić and Dr Spasić demonstrated last year when they saved from the depths of the Ohrid lake seven Bulgarian citizens when a tour boat sank in the Lake, whereas a number of Bulgarian tourists died in the accident.
The plaques were presented to the winners on December 16, 2009, at the celebration held at the Belgrade City Hall. Numerous recognitions for the passed exam authenticating their expertise and humanity, those two doctors received from Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Gordana Dimitrić and Žaklina Spasić are doctors undergoing residency programs in anesthesiology and resuscitation at the Military Medical Academy.
‘It is about two young doctors, extremely modest, hardworking, and devoted to their work they carry out with great love. Their maximal devotion to the care of human life is their professional and human orientation’, said Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić, the head of the MMA’s Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care for the MMA’s web site. Prof. Romić also mentioned that those two doctors delivered a lecture on the First Aid as well as humanity and nobility to the students of the MMA’s School for Advanced Studies 

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