Novelties in Surgery at MMA: Insertion of the Artificial Pulmonary Artery

24. 05. 2010

Belgrade, May 24, 2010. – Physicians from the MMA’s Clinics for Chest Surgery and Cardiology performed for the first time in our country a unique surgical procedure involving insertion of the artifical pulmonary artery on 62-year-old female patient with lung cancer developed in the left wing and infiltrated into the pulmonary arthery.
In such cases the most applied method is pneumonectomy - a radical surgery involving removal of the left lung The MMA’s surgeons succeeded in removing the whole tumor along with excision of the upper lobar branch (lobectomy). By resecing pulmonary artery and replacing it with the artifical blood vessel, they managed to preserve and totally restitute lower lobar branch which makes over 50 % of functional volume of the lung. Postoperative recovery went well, and control x-ray shown an excellent circulation of the restituted pulmonary artery and good function of the remaining lung.
The MMA’s Management is proud of this latest success of our Surgical School

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