Novelties in the domain of MMA’s thoracic surgery

22. 06. 2011

Surgical team lead by Colonel Professor Dr Vojkan Stanić conducted an extremely rare intervention where they removed a carcinoma from the lower lobe of the left lung and metastasis in the left adrenal gland in one take at the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery of Military Medical Academy. This complicated surgical intervention was conducted by approaching through the chest (left thoracotomy), during which they first removed the lower lung lobe in which the tumor was located, and then, by opening the diaphragm (frenotomy) they accessed the left adrenal gland in which the metastasis was seen. With this approach, they connected three spaces (pleural, peritoneal and retroperitoneal) into one single space, which created comfortable conditions for safe implementation of the mentioned surgical procedure. Post-operative period was regular, and the patient is feeling well.
Aside from Dr Stanić, the team was made of Colonel Professor Dr Novak Milović, Major Dr Nebojša Marić and Dr Vladimir Milenković, who demonstrated and proved once again that we are fully equipped and capacitated for the biggest challenges in surgery.

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