Novelties in treating deep vain thrombosis at VMA

09. 08. 2011

A team of doctors at the Military Medical Academy, i.e. its Clinic for Vascular Surgery and the Medical Centre for Interventional Cardiovascular Pathology, has demonstrated, for the first time in ever in Serbia, how the Angio Jet System works and carried out a mechanical thrombectomy intervention on a fresh case of thrombosis of deep veins in lower extremities.

The operation was jointly performed by vascular surgeons Major Dr Momir Šarac, Colonel Dr Uroš Zoranović and an interventional radiologist Lieutenant Colonel Dr Siniša Rusović with the Antio Jet System.
In vascular pathology, the deep vein thrombosis is considered as a serious condition that causes further complications like pulmonary thromboembolism and could lead to death.
Angio Jet System introduces novelty in treating acute deep vein thrombosis since it is used for early mechanical removal of blood clots and reinstates the blood flow through the veins affected by thrombosis with a reduced number of post-op complications. Angio Jet System is also used in mechanical thrombectomy at graft thrombosis (ByPass, AV Fistula), as well as in coronary artery thrombosis in acute coronary syndrome. The system is exceptionally efficient in treating massive pulmonary thromboembolism when all other medical treatments fail to yield results.

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