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On Bioengineering and Medical Informatics

18. 05. 2015

The symposium on bioengineering and medical informatics in modern diagnostics and therapy organized by the Institute of Medical Research MMA and the MMA’s Faculty of Medicine of the University of Defence in Belgrade, under the auspices of BioEMIS Tempus project was held at the Military Medical Academy. The opening of the symposium was attended by representatives of the University of Defence in Belgrade led by the Rector of the University, Major General Prof. Mladen Vuruna.
In his opening statement, Acting Head of the MMA Col. Prof. Zoran Segrt singled out the organization of this symposium as an excellent example of the international and European cooperation of higher education and science. He added that the application of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures based on the use of modern technical and technological solutions in the field of bioengineering and medical informatics often have a crucial impact on the quality of treatment, and that the recognition of this issue and investing in it is a necessity of modern medical practice.
A contribution of this event, which gathered a large number of participants of medical and non-medical profiles, is reflected to the recognition actualization of bioengineering and medical informatics as one of the most advanced interdisciplinary field based on the latest research in the field of medicine, engineering and informatics.
Participants were introduced to the main principles of ethics in the application of new technologies in biomedicine, as well as possibilities for the use and abuse of genetic engineering and biotechnology in the function of biological defense and bioterrorism. Also, contemporary trends in proton therapy were presented, application of sound and vibrations in the medical diagnostics and noninvasive transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation to improve cognitive potential. A special part of the symposium were lectures on the use of lasers in urology, dermatology, laryngology, as well as the application of excimer laser in corneal refractive surgery, and part of the symposium was related to the domestic experience in implementing the principles of modern robotics in medicine. In the final part of the symposium, the application of bioinformatics in molecular medicine was discussed, but also the possibilities of a software simulation of physiological processes.

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