On Media and Medicine at the Military Medical Academy

25. 09. 2008

Belgrade, September 25 - Under the auspice of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia, the Symposium on ‘Media and Medicine’ was held in the amphitheater of the Military Medical Academy.

Addressing the guests, the host of that event, MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, MD, PhD, said that the common interest of all the people on the planet, regardless of all the differences among them, is our well-being, and in that spirit, informing the public about new diagnostic and therapeutic methods as well as medical advices and information provided by credible medical authorities give the feeling of safety and have a positive impact on prevention of diseases and promotion and safeguarding of health.

‘The obligation and the imperative as well of the Military Medical Academy is promotion of the public health 
 and therefore, I would like to express my great satisfaction with the fact that no other institution but the MMA is  hosting and organizing this medical event which would address all the aspects of the relationship between the media and medicine and clarify many professional and ethic dilemma of journalists and doctors. I am also convinced that it will result in drawing concrete conclusions, the implementation of which would considerably bring to the improvement of cooperation between these two professions of public importance toward their common goal of   public welfare. I hope and believe that events of this kind will become a tradition and I promise that the MMA management and experts will continue to give their full constructive contribution to informing the public in various fields of medicine’ pointed out  General Jevtić who congratulated the ELIKSIR magazine on its jubilee, the first 400 issues published so far.

Opening officially the symposium, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia Prof. Tomica Milosavljević, MD, PhD in his address to numerous participants stressed that informing the public about medical profession and science has a long tradition and that, in present times, it is very important to have both media representatives and medical professionals working together in the spirit of  giving their full contribution to the improvement of the health and the increase of public awareness about the health through   accommodation of their ways of transferring medical information and their presentation as well. 

Mrs. Božana Noskov Peregi, MD, presented the Eliksir magazine through the prism of its editor –in-chief, Mr. Ferenc Agošton, MD, a manager of the Kanjiža spa, who spoke about the health education through media, while Assist. Prof. Marija Jevtić, a director of the Vojvodina Public Health Institute addressed the impact of media on public health.    Mrs.Tatjana Radosavljević, MD, a director of the Serbian Doctor’s Chamber, held a lecture on whether media representatives and medical  professionals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             act as opponents or  collaborators in accomplishing the same mission.

Prof. Silva Dobrić, a head of the MMA Scientific Information Institute spoke about specifics of medical magazine turning to a long tradition and reputation of the magazine Vojnosanitetski pregled (Military Medical Review) which was indexed into the list of the world’s most prestige scientific magazines in June this year.

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