On the Eve of Sretenje: Achieved Results as an incentive for further successes

13. 02. 2010

Belgrade, February 13, 2010. – The official session of the MMA’s collective was held at the Military Medical Academy to mark15th February, the Statehood and the Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Serbia.
In addition to the most responsible and numerous MMA’s members, there were high officials of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade City Hall and great number of institutions of national, public and cultural importance with which the Military Medical Academy has good relations and cooperation.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the head of the MMA’s Morale and Public Relations Department, Fellow Researcher Dr. Elizabeta Ristanović expressed the importance and symbolic meaning of Sretenje in the history of Serbian people and their Armed Forces, and indissoluble ties between the Army and the State in the Serbian statehood tradition. ‘’The Armed Forces and its members has always stood by its people and the state, and today, in the year of 2010 we are firmly defending European positions of our country. Our Military Medical Academy is today a strategic resource of our state and its Armed Forces on its way towards international integrations. We as its members are proud of being able to show with the results we achieve in our everyday practice that we haven’t failed our precursors and teachers, and that we wouldn’t disappoint those who come after us’, said Dr. Ristanović.
The most important achievements of the Military Medical Academy and plans for its further development were recalled by the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić. ‘’Our present has been filled with consolidation, restructuring, strengthening, building stronger conficence of our people in us and readiness to cope with challenges of the age we live in and standards of modern medicine. In the year that is behind us, there were numerous chalenges that were successfully overcome; we tried to take as many new steps as possible and to clearly and precisely define our way ahead of us’, said General Jevtić. ‘Today, we can look courageously and calmly to the future, not fearing of any turbulent challenges and reality of Balkan transition. Why should we be, when our experts are leaders in many fields of medicine, when more and more renowned experts are willing to come to work an express their creativity at the Military Medical Academy’, stressed the MMA’s head. He gave a retrospective look at the most important results of our institution achieved in the course of the last year, which involve to us very crucial and fatefully important incorporation into the National Healthcare Safety Network through which our expectations have been justified, then intensive technological renewal, the process which has not been completed yet, recorded increases in the number of rendered medical services for 10-20%, top results in all branches of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy as well as partnerships with our colleagues serving in the civilian health sector, resulting, among other things, in developing kidney transplantation program which has been successfully implemented in the South of Serbia. Among other most important results, the MMA’s head mentioned the enrollment of the first generation of medical students, accreditation of residency and PhD study programs, provision of medical support to the participants in the Universiade 2009, conspicuous participation in the multinational military medical exercise MEDCURE 2009 executed in Niš and intensive international cooperation and communication confirmed by the facts that 24 highest-rank delegations paid visits to our institution, 117 MMA’s experts participated in scientific and medical events and 4 physicians completed their advanced medical education and training programs in eminent world centers.

The MMA’s head also mentioned successes of our Military Medical Review magazine and recertification of quality standards as well as successful corporative communication of the Military Medical Academy. ‘However, our heroes last year were the participants in the UN-led humanitarian mission in Chad, that is, our surgical team members, the real ambassadors of Serbian Medicine and the Armed Forces of Serbia’, said the MMA’s head. He also reiterated that MMA owed no one a single penny, and that recruitment process to strengthen the MMA’s workforce was under way, meaning that, upon closing the August open competition for admission of 105 individuals, another call for admission of physicians, medical technicians and residents would be announced as well. The MMA’s parking lot construction works commenced, whilst telemedicine and IT projects were in the final phase.
‘The Military Medical Academy Development Plans until 2015 have already been designed, and efforts to search and find solutions to improve the status and living standards of the MMA’s members and possibilities that would ensure better medical supply have intensively been taken’, said the MMA’s head and added that the promotion of the Republic of Serbia Defense University was expected to take place soon. The MMA’s Medical School is to be a constituent part of the Defence University.
Dr. Jevtić informed the present to that event that, since Februry 18 this year, the MMA and complete Military Medical Services have been directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Serbia.
‘Initiatives, creativity, cooperativeness, expertise, persistency, commitment, loyalty are the features we would keep advocating and promoting in the future. More than ever, I would like to underline the importance of teamwork, investments into knowledge and commitment to work as main preconditions and the key to the success we all tend towards, whishing to make ourselves better within the Defense System, the integral part of which we are. Therefore, I invite you to join us in gaining new successes in our work’, said Gen. Jevtić congratulating the MMA’s members the Statehood and the Armed Forces Day.
On the occasion of the Armed Forces Day, a number of MMA’s members were promoted into higher ranks, and those who excelled in their fields of expertise achieving outstanding results, thus, promoting the Military Medical Academy were awarded and acknowledged.
In the continuation of celebration, the representative of the Hilandar Friends Association, Mr. Dušan Nešić congratulated all the MMA’s employees on the forthcoming holiday, and presented the MMA’s head with a present-a painting with the Hilanar motives as a token of gratitude for all good deeds done for the wellbeing of Serbian people. The artistic seal to this magnificent event was put by performances of the National Theater top performers- actress Rada Đuričin and opera singers Živan Saramandić i Oliver Njego accompanied by piano players Darinka Paunović and Professor Nikola Rackov. 

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