Operationalization of the Defense University Statute

02. 12. 2011

As a part of the regular activities of the Defense University Rector Collegium, which have already been defined in the adopted Dynamic Plan, the Rector of the Defense University Maj. Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and all Vice-Rectors were invited to take an active part in the 536th Session of the MMA Teaching and Scientific Council, held on November 30, 2011.
Having introduced the present into the purposes for their attendance to the event, the Rector of the Defence University briefed in details all the present members of the MMA’s Teaching and Scientific Council about the activities that led to the Defense University constitution, the enactment of the Statute along with its adoption by the Serbian Government, and about the responsibilities of the MMA School of Medicine in the near future.
‘I would like to express, on behalf of my colleagues and myself, my great satisfaction with being here today with you, and the given opportunity as well to inform the most responsible senior staff and academic representatives of the Military Medical Academy with all the activities accomplished in the previous period. Those were the activities that resulted in the establishment of the 8th University in the country, what, thus, brought about the transformation of the MMA’s School of Advanced Studies into its Medical School. Having in mind the times behind us, the fact that, by adopting the School Statute, the teachers of this School have become academic professors speaks for itself. The most responsible MMA’s representatives were directly involved in carrying out this activity, which implied the development of the future Dynamic Action Plan and harmonization of the most significant normative acts of the MMA Medical School with the Defence University Statute. It is important to accept the fact that the Defence University and the Rectorate are not categories of virtual reality but reality on the ground, and that the Defence University is not considered a separate higher education institution. The responsibility of this newly established Defence System institution is to integrate all high educational and research resources within the System, and simultaneously harmonize them with the Republic of Serbia academic community. The Defence University Rectorate is the place for university professors and cadets-students, the place where initiatives, mobility, ideas are expected, and support is provided to all those within the Defence System, who recognize the affinity and capacity for knowledge improvement and scientific research within themselves. Our responsibility is to serve as a reliable support in all such situations”, a full-time professor of the MMA Medical School Major General Miodrag Jevtić said in his address.
A determined approach of the MMA Management Board and the Teaching Scientific Council in current composition is a guarantee for the completion of these activities, as agreed upon the adoption of the Statute.
Specific activities in terms of constitution of the Teaching - Scientific Council, the establishment of the MMA Medical School Council, and harmonization of the Statute of this higher education institution with the Defense University Statute are expected to be carried out.
During the Session, all proposed representatives of the Military Medical Academy and MMA Medical School were unanimously elected to the University administrative and executive bodies, as well as professional councils.
Having in mind that all those tasks are getting closer to execution, the establishment of the University Council, University Senate, University Councils of Experts, the University Quality Assurance Commission as well as the University Working Group for drafting regulations as defined in our Statute are left to be done.

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