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22. 08. 2008

Belgrade, August 22 - The MMA Teaching-Scientific Council took, at its previous session, a decision to send eight Military Medical Academy’s staff members abroad for advanced training purposes. The decision was adopted by the proposal of the Council on Postgraduate Studies which reviewed explanations of the parent Chairs for the need for advanced training of our experts in the fields of treatment of inhalation toxicity and the use of new antidotes, epigenetics in molecular medicine within the field of multiple sclerosis, endoscopic sinus and cranium surgery, the use of implants for the treatment of atrophic jaws, biological effects of physically harmful factors in the working environment, nuclear oncology, interventional cardiology and bone defect substitution in orthopedics.

From America through Sweden, Italy and France to Russia, contacts with prestige institutions in these fields have already been established. Terms for one-to-three month advanced programs of study are being negotiated for the time being and a regular procedure for granting approval would be carried out within the Ministry of Defence afterwards.
As over recent years, knowledge and new skills that MMA’s experts would acquired during their stay abroad, would be exploited for the benefit of diagnostics and treatment and used in some scientific-research projects as well. 

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