Practical Exercise of the Students of the Reserve Officers School ’’Belgrade 2010’’

26. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 26, 2010. Medical Support of the AF detachment to the UN mission provided by was the topic of the practical exercise ’Belgrade 2010’’ executed by the students of the 98th Class of the Medical Services Reserve Officers School and the 96th Class of the Veterinary Service Reserve Officers School.

The whole exercise covered the command  operations, multimedia medical communication link between two medical tems, medical management of the wounded and sick in the Light Field Hospital and air evacuation of those patients. During the entire course of the exercise,   the MMA’s head, Maj.Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag  Jevtić and his associates, heads of the MMA’s organizational units,  the members of the Teaching-Scientific Council and professors together with the representatives of the MoD Department of Military Health closely  observed all the  exercise operations.

Today, you have once again confirmed and practically demonstrated knowledge and skills   acquired in the Reserve Officers School. In my assessments, you have been very successfull in executing this task, and for that, I would like to extend my congretulations to all of you  The Reserve Officers School has a long tradition, and it is a recognizable brand of the Military Medical Academy and Serbia. We want it to  serve as an European brand as well: therefore, we are doing our best to  see our School growing into a modern Medical Training Center which would provide our international colleagues  with the the best education and training it can offer’’ said the MMA’s head, Maj.Gen. Prof. Dr. Miodrag  Jevtić

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