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Promoted MF MMA textbooks

27. 10. 2023

At the stand of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces during the 66th International Belgrade Book Fair, selected textbooks for the Medical Faculty of the MMA University of Defence were presented.
The author, Prof. Dr. Dušica Stamenković from the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the MMA, spoke about the book "Basics of Pain Medicine", and about the work "Medicinal Chemistry through Questions and Answers", author - Prof. Dr. Vesna Kilibarda and Prof. Snežana Đorđević, Ph.D., from the National Poison Control Center, MMA. The textbook "Immunosuppressive Therapy in Patients with a Kidney Transplant", which he wrote with two colleagues - Dr. Neven Vavić, Head of the Clinic for Nephrology of the MMA, and Head of the Center for Clinical Pharmacology of the MMA, prof. Viktorija Dragojević Simić, Ph.D., was presented by Assoc. Dr. Nemanja Rančić from the Center for Clinical Pharmacology of the MMA.
Professor Dr. Gorica Ristić from the Rheumatology Clinic of the MMA presented her new edition entitled "Spondyloarthritis - New Nomenclature and Classification Criteria for Diagnosis", and the colonel Prof. Dr. Dejan Kostić from the Institute of Radiology of the MMA "Radiological Atlas", which he did with his colleagues LtCol prim. Dr. Miroslav Mišović and LtCol Asst. Dr. Igor Sekulić.
The promotion of the textbook on behalf of the publisher - Media Center "Defence" was led by the editor of the Military Book, Mirjana Sandić, who briefly referred to another textbook - "Epigenetics - from molecular mechanisms, basic and physiological processes to the role in cancer", authored by Prof. Dr. Gordane Šupić from the Institute of Medical Research of the MMA.

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