Promotion of the Book "Physical Therapy Propaedeutics"

23. 11. 2016

The book "Physical Therapy Propaedeutics “was promoted at the Military Medical Academy published by the Media Center "Odbrana". The promotion was attended by Major General Prof. Dr. Mladen Vuruna, Rector of the University of Defence in Belgrade, Colonel Prof. Nebojsa Jovic, Dean of the MMA Medical Faculty, Col. Prof. Dr. Dragan Dincic, Deputy Head of the MMA.
The book was written by two Associate Professor - Dr. Zorica Brdareski and Dr. Aleksandra Vukomanovic from the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, MMA, and the book was edited and largely written by Colonel Prof. dr. Aleksandar Djurovic, Head of the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, MMA. This, as they called it ABC book of physiatry, is a joint work of teachers and their colleagues, clinicians of the MMA Medical Faculty teaching the subject physical medicine and rehabilitation - Dr. Vesna Pejovic, Dr. Marina Kilibarda, Dr. Dejan Miljkovic and Dr. Dejan Ilic, Sanja Jovanovic physiotherapist, Marija Jelisinac and others.
In the opening address Colonel Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Jovic said that "Physical Therapy Propaedeutics " is a book, which is primarily intended for cadets of the Medical Faculty and is a major contribution to physical therapy, and to scientific research opus of the MMA Medical Faculty. Also, this book will be of great assistance to general practitioners, as well as physical therapists who are already working in an easier recognition of certain diseases and ways of patients’ management.
- The book meets all quality standards of textbooks in terms of content, structure scope and written expression. Merging theoretical and practical classes students will relatively quickly master the musculoskeletal system. The book was conceived as a written, but also as a visual teaching aid and has all scientific, educational and technical characteristics - said prof. Dr. Jovic.
Head of Publishing Department of Media Center "Odbrana" Dragana Markovic recalled that two years ago the book "Physiatry" was promoted at the same place and that together with this new book rounds out literature for the subject Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the MMA Medical Faculty.
- We invested all creative potential to make it readable, transparent, comprehensible and what is equally important - appealing - said Dragan Markovic and added that the 424 pages of text contains 640 photographs and schematics.
Reviewers also talked about the book - Prof. Dr. Ksenija Boskovic from the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, who is also a chairman of the Republican Commission for Medical Rehabilitation and Aleksandra Mikov from the Institute of Health Protection of Children and Youth, Vojvodina. They noted that good books are always welcome and that it is not easy to write because it needs to be an expert.  In their opinion, great authority that Professor Djurovic has was decisive.
About how "Physical Therapy Propaedeutics " was created spoke dr Zorica Brdareski and Dr. Aleksandra Vukomanovic and pointed out that writing this textbook was not an easy task because it requires the authors to present this subject to students in an understandable and attractive way.
One of the authors, Col. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Djurovic made an interesting historical parallel and told the story in his own way about Draginja Draga Babic, a student of medicine in Berlin and her co-mentor, later known Nobel Prize winner Paul Ehrlich. Draginja’s final graduation paper was "Propaedeutic and Therapeutic in Spotted Fever." Draga died from typhus in Valjevo in 1915, when she was 29, Janko Babic from sadness for Draginja, and a famous Ehrlich in Berlin from heart failure. Propaedeutic has been as a link and as destiny.

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