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Public Call for the Enrollment to MMA Medical Faculty

18. 02. 2013

The Public Call for cadets’ admission at the Medical Faculty, Military Medical Academy and Military Academy has been announced on February 15, 2013 and it is scheduled to last until March 31, 2013. The MMA Medical Faculty affirms the admission of 25 cadets, while Military Academy admits the number of 185 cadets.
Only candidates who satisfy general and particular conditions and submit timely application in the regional centers of the Ministry of Defence defined by the candidate’s permanent residency can apply for the enrollment. The application should be supported with necessary documentation.
After the completed education, the cadets obtain academic degree and title determined by accredited curriculum. The candidates who successfully complete the education at the MMA Medical Faculty and Military Academy are admitted in professional military service and receive the rank of lieutenant colonel of correspondent military service.
Public Call is announced in magazine "Odbrana" and following web sites: Ministry of Defence - www.mod.gov.rs, University of Defence - www.uo.mod.gov.rs, Military Academy - www.va.mod.gov.rs, Military Medical Academy - www.vma.mod.gov.rs and Military Gymnasium - www.gimnazija.mod.gov.rs. Visit them for more information on admission conditions and necessary documentation.  

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