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Recognitions and Letter of Thanks on the MMA Day

03. 03. 2014

At the solemn event, organized at the Military Medical Academy, numerous recognitions and letters of thanks have been delivered to the MMA employees and their associates thus celebrating the anniversary and 170 years of existence.
The MMA Head Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Marijan Novakovic addressed the attendees with the words:
-Medicine is a human science and no technology cannot replace human factor. Important people marked the existence of the Military Medical Academy. Without them, the MMA would be only one of the ordinary hospitals. For that reason we will continue to invest into the education and training.
There were mentioned the names of promoted doctors of science, who presented their doctoral theses during last year, i.e. Colonel Asst. Dr. Vlado Cvijanovic, Lieutenant Colonels Assistants Dr. Milorad Milivojevic and Dr. Mirko Resan, as well as the Assistants Dr. Aleksandra Vukomanovic and Dr. Ljubisa Ristic.
This year best MMA organizational unit is Clinic for Anesthesiology and Critical Care.
This year recipients of the medal "Dr. Vladan Djordjevic", delivering six time arrow to the best military and civilian surgeons, are retired General-Major Academician Prof. Dr. Antonije Skokljev and Prof. Dr. Miroslav Milicevic.
Author and reviewer of the magazine "Military Medical Review" have also been promoted, namely Prof. Dr. Zoran Slavkovic, Head of the MMA Clinic for Anesthesiology and Critical Care as the author of the year, while Prof. Dr. Branka Nikolic, Head of the Department of Conservative Gynecology of the Belgrade Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics "Narodni Front", as this year reviewer.
Journalists awarded with the letters of thanks were Ana Stamenkovic from the Radio Television of Serbia, Ivana Vucicevic from the Television Studio B, Danijela Davidov-Kesar from the daily newspaper "Politika" and Marijana Vasiljevic from the newspaper "Vecernje Novosti". Awarding successful collaboration, the firms recipients of the letters of thanks are "Gosper", "Adoc", "Farmalogist", "Pharmaswiss", "Phoenix Pharma" and "Aptus".
Earlier during the day, the MMA Head Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Marijan Novakovic traditionally organized the reception for the former MMA heads, which was attended by Major-General Prof. Dr. Mihailo Djuknic, Lieutenant-General Prof. Dr. Aco Jovicic, Major-General Prof. Dr. Momcilo Krgovic, Major-General Asst. Prof. Dr. Zoran Stankovic and Lieutenant-General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtic, Defence University Rector. The representatives of the MMA Management Board laid the wreath at the memorial placed at the front entrance to the building of the Military Medical Academy.
Central Celebration, i.e. Solemn Academy of the MMA Day will be held this evening in the Topcider Guard House.

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