Referral Center for the Treatment of Viral Hepatitis C

02. 06. 2010

Belgrade, June 02, 2010. – The MMA’s Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases was recently designated one of the referral centers in Serbia for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis C.

Viral hepatitis B and  C are very dangerous and insidious diseases, which if not timely treated, can lead to fatal outcome, i.e. liver cirrhosis and carcinoma. They have become a global health concern for over one million people die every year from the consequences of the viral hepatitis B and   C. It is assumed that every 12th inhabitant of this planet is affected with some type of those viruses, and that the number of people infected in our country is estimated to be some 300-400.000. Timely diagnosis and therapy are crucial for favorable outcome.

The MMA’s Clinic for Infectious and Tropic Diseases offers a complete diagnostic services. It has a possibility of applying  a sophisticated therapy, which is used in the most developed countries.
In his statement to the MMA’s web site, Col. Prof. Dr. Darko Nožić, the head of the Clinic, said that this organizational unit received around 500 patient visits for chronic viral hepatitis treatment each year. ‘’Complete diagnostic services we provide include biochemical liver function tests, viral analyses, quantitative analyses of hepatitis C virus in the blood using molecular biology–based sophisticated techniques, determination of hepatitis C virus genotypes as well as liver biopsy and histopathology. We apply a specific antiviral therapy for patients with severe forms of disease and who satisfy the required criteria. In viral hepatitis C cases, that therapy lasts from 6 to 12 months depending on  the virus genotype and several years in cases of viral hepatitis B’’, said Col. Prof. Nožić. He also mentioned that  a considerable number of patients with chronic viral hepatitis from surrounding countries were greatly interested in being treated at the Military Medical Academy.
However, on the occasion of the World Hepatitis Day, a meeting of the Serbian Medical Society’s Hepathology Section was recently held at the Military Medical Academy.  It brought together   around100 hepathologists (infectologists, gastroenterologists and virologists) from Serbia. During the section, eight lectures covering the most important aspects  of treatment for chronic hepatitis B and C  were delivered.  The lecturers were Col. Prof. Dr. Darko Nožić, Prim. Radmila Rajić, MD, Prim. Vesna Begović, MD, Capt.  Dejan Hristović, Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasna Jović from MMA, Prof. Dr Miomir Pelemiš, Prof. Dr Dragan Delić, MD, from the Belgrade Medical School and Prof. Dr. Milotka Fabri from the  Novi Sad Medical School. 

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