Results of the 17th BMMC Congress

04. 06. 2012

The main program of 17th Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC) Congress ended in Belgrade, on Friday, June 1st, 2012 while 31st BMMC Post Congress Meeting was organized at the same place in the period June 1-3, 2012. National committees of the Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey expressed their appreciation to Serbia as the country host of the BMMC Congress for the excellent organization and quality improvement of the Congress scientific part. The special importance had the Meeting of Chiefs of Military Medical Services and Chiefs of Military Medical Academies countries of BMMC. The issues concerning education of physicians, dentists and pharmacists in referent BMMC military hospitals have been pointed out as relevant for acquiring new skills and competences along with the better connecting using telemedicine.
The Congress gathered 273 delegates from five BMMC countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, without Albania), including also one observer from Montenegro. The participants presented 331 papers, 137 oral and 194 poster presentations. The Plenary Session on atherosclerosis was pointed out with its high expert level.
Each country participant had one oral and poster presentation awarded, while the paper of the Head of the MMA Sector for Preventive Medicine, Prof. Dr. Sonja Radaković, titled “Serum enzyme changes in soldiers during exertional heat stress” was declared as the best Congress paper by Congress Scientific Board. All the best lectures will be published in BMMC magazine.
The 18th BMMC Congress is regularly scheduled for 2013 in Turkey and 32nd Post Congress Meeting in Belgrade, February 2013.

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