Scientific Conference of Serbian Medical Biochemists

02. 12. 2009

Belgrade, December 2, 2009 – The MMA’s Institute of Medical Biochemistry, the Serbian Clinical Center’s Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Serbian Medical Biochemistry Society and the School of Pharmacy of the Belgrade University are the organizers of the 12th Annual Scientific Conference held in the MMA’s amphitheater today. The Conference was traditionally devoted to the life and work of Professor Ivana Berkeš, a professor of the Belgrade School of Pharmacy and one of the founders of medical biochemistry in Yugoslavia.
The attendees present to that event were warmly welcomed by the MMA’s deputy head, Col. Prof. Dr. Nikola Filipović who said that the health at the Military Medical Academy was safeguarded by modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods and stressed what role and importance medical biochemistry played within the clinical practice.
‘’The Military Medical Academy is an integral part of the Serbian Defense System and the National Health System as well. It is very determined to cooperate with all those willing to cooperate for the health, benefit and welfare of our citizens. That is the reason why I am very satisfied to see you in a such big number present here, to see my colleagues among biochemists from the Serbian Clinical Center, Belgrade School of Pharmacy and other health institutions as well, willing to share their experiences and knowledge about the latest achievements in the field of medical biochemistry. I would like to congratulate on behalf of the MMA’s Management and myself the best students of the Belgrade School of Pharmacy on the achieved results and my colleagues on their doctoral dissertation defence in the course of the last year who thus, in a real sense, have entered the scientific arena. So, I wish all of you a lot of success in your future careers’’; said the MMA’s deputy head.
On behalf of the Scientific Fund „Dr Ivan Berkeš“, Prof. Dr. Nada Majkić-Singh presented awards to the best students of the Belgrade School of Pharmacy who completed their studies last year.
Within the framework of scientific program, the latest achievements in the field of medical biochemistry relating to biochemical markers for apoptosis and ischemic heart diseases, neurochemical and structural changes in the rat’s brain after perinatal phencyclidine administration, contemporary laboratory markers of chronic alcoholism, angiotensin-converting enzyme gene polymorphism in patients with ischemic brain disease were presented. All those lectures were delivered by medical biochemists with defended doctoral dissertations dealing with those issues.

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