Second Course on Diagnosis of the Neck Diseases

18. 10. 2010

Belgrade, October 18, 2010. -  Our institution was the host to the two-day Educational Course on Diagnostic use of Ultrasound in the Diseases of the Neck organized by the MMA Clinic for Otorinolaringology. The topics dealt with  at the Course  attended by numerous experts from our and surrounding countries,  included theoretical basis and the  most advanced equipment for ultrasound diagnosis of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, cervical lymph nodes, benign and malignant  tumors and magistral blood vessels in the neck. 
Neck diseases are a part of pathology which otorinolaringologists and maxillofacial surgeons so often encounter in their everyday clinical practice, and awareness of ultrasound diagnosis enables high quality view of pathological changes and reduces the need for utilization of expensive invasive diagnostic procedures.

During the second part of the Course, the attendees were given the opportunity to be practically introduced into the ultrasound diagnostics in patients with characteristic ongoing pathological processes in the neck,   fine needle-aspiration and cytological diagnosis of neck tissue preparations.
This theoretical and practical neck diseases course was delivered thanks to extraordinary job done by the following experts: LtCol. Assist. Prof. Dr. Nenad Baletić, AF civilian employees Assist. Prof. Dr. Dara Stefanović, and Assist. Prof.Dr. Željka Tatomirović from the Military Medical Academy, international lecturers Prof. Dr. Habil Kristof Arens from Germany and, Assist. Prof. Dr. Marsel Kraft from Switzerland, our colleagues from Vojvodina Clinical Center and Prof. Dr. Rajko Jović and Ljiljana Čvorović, MD from Zemun Clinical-Hospital Center. 

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