Secure Future of the MMA: The Success of the First Class of the MMA’s Cadets

23. 07. 2010

Belgrade, July 23, 2010. – The First Class of students of the MMA’s School  of Integrated Medical Studies has successfully completed the first-year medical program. All the cadets  passed scheduled exams presenting exceptional results and achieving the GPA of 9.14. 

The MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić congratulated them on achieved results and wished them to continue treading the path of learning to acquire  new knowledge and skills. ’’The goal is clear: you must be excelent physicians, better officers and the best persons! You must be the pride of the Defense System and the future of the Military Medical Academy’’, said General Jevtić expressing his great satisfaction not only with the cadets’ exam results, but the knowlede they acqired in  terms of military professional development, attitude towards the work and obligations deriving from being a part of the Defence System.

General Jevtić awarded occasional  prizes to 5 first-year cadets who achieved the best results in their first year of studies: Savić Goran, Hadžiahmetagić Ahmet, Macak Monika, Petković Nataša and Rančić Ilija.

The MMA’s head said that the Management Boards of the Military Medical Academy and the School of Advanced Studies would like to thank teachers and examiners from the Republic of Serbia civil universities  for their engagement in executing the first-year pre-clinical  curriculum. ’It is one example more of successful military-civil cooperation within the same mission aimed at investing into knowledge and the future’, said General  Jevtić.

The first-class cadets would be able to pass  gained experience onto their colleagues who would start their medical studies in the 2010/2011School Year. A Call for Enrolment and the entrance exams were successfuly carried out, and the seconf class of cadets was enrolled in line with the admission terms and conditions, and the Decision of the  Republic of Serbia Ministry of Defence

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