Serbia and the USA: Strengthening of the Military Medical Cooperation

13. 09. 2010

Belgrade, September 13, 2010. –The delegation of the Ohio National Guard led by General Gregory Wayt which is paying an official visit to the Serbian Armed Forces,   visited the Military Medical Academy today.  This high-ranking military delegation was accompanied by Mrs. Mary Warlick, the appointed U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Serbia.

‘This is a continuation of further reaffirmation of the fruitful cooperation between our two countries in the field of military medicine. We at the Military Medical Academy are willing to share with others all our achievements in the area of medical profession and science, and at the same time, we are aware of the fact that we should learn from the others. We also know that Ohio has many top hospitals we can cooperate with. That cooperation may, thus, contribute to the enhancement of universal values, and isn’t health the highest one? Therefore, I consider this today’s visit of yours as a great step towards a good direction,  so let me extend you on behalf of my Management Board and all the members of the Military Medical Academy,   a warm welcome to the Academy’’, said the MMA’s head, major General, Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić addressing the guests from the U.S.A.

During the visit, the representatives of the MMA’s Management presented achievements, missions and visions of our institution and its results achieved in the area of treatment as well as its academic and scientific potentials. Then, the members of the American delegation were taken to   some of the MMA’s organizational units, so that they could   see those clinics close.
At the end of the visit the guests from the U.S. expressed their impressions on our institution and the outcome of the today’s visit as well.

Mrs. Mary Warlick, the U.S. ambassador, said that she was impressed with this medical city, and added that she herself had a chance on several occasions to be convinced of its   expertise, professionalism and top results. ‘’The Military Medical Academy is a world’s recognized institution and a regional leader in many fields of medicine, with a clear and secured perspective for further advancement. I think that our cooperation would give a significant contribution to that’’, said the ambassador Warlick.
General Gregory Wayt, the Commander of the Ohio National Guard, who was paying his second visit to our institution, stressed that every time he came to the Military Medical Academy he was   impressed with its organization, capabilities and achievements, and a clear vision in the first place, for further development which, based on words and deeds, was presented to them by the General Jevtić-led Management Board members.
‘’Expertise, enthusiasm and a vision are the things   these people we have talked with today  are distinguished for, and that is a guarantee for future development and progress’’, said General Wayt adding that the MMA was the institution in which one could learn a lot.

Colonel Dr. Stephen Markovich,   one of the leaders of the Ohio National Guard Medical Sector who runs the Riverside Methodist Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Columbus, the capital of this American state, also expressed his great satisfaction with the given opportunity to learn about this medical giant such was Military Medical Academy and its experts who are uncontested leaders in their fields of expertise. He also stressed that concretizing of professional cooperation among MMA and hospitals in Ohio would be negotiated in the forthcoming days
‘’This day has marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our military medical cooperation. Foundations of that cooperation were laid during our communications and talks led over recent years.  During today’s discussions with General Wayt and numerous medical experts from Ohio, we’ve managed to practically concretize all our previous agreements. This one as well as all our activities are fully supported by our Ministry of Defense, whilst the presence of Mrs. Warlick, the U.S. ambassador, shows how  seriously this two-way   cooperation has been taken’’, said the MMA’s head, General Jevtić at the conclusion of the American delegation’s visit. 

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