Signing of Donation at MMA

01. 12. 2016

In the presence of MoD State Secretary Nenad Neric and USA Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Randolph Scott an Agreement on donation within the project of prevention and control of HIV / AIDS was signed at the Military Medical Academy.
The resources are intended for purchasing high quality PCR devices and diagnostic tests for the Institute of Medical Research MMA, tests for a new study on sexually transmitted infections in the military population, as well as for the publishing of the second edition "Sexually transmitted infections and military population", but also the personal protective equipment for medical personnel participating in peacekeeping operations.
US Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Scott said that it was a great honor for him to announce a donation of equipment and materials worth more than 79 thousand US dollars on the International Day against AIDS.
- HIV and AIDS are threats to everyone, especially members of the army to be sent to areas with an increased risk of becoming ill because the virus affects any color or uniform, and no one is immune to the consequences of the disease, said the ambassador, adding that it was the plan of the US President, to combat these diseases globally having donated 52 billion dollars in 65 countries, thanks to which, among other things, more than 700 thousand children were born without HIV.
Scott expressed hope that joint action can change the world and that Serbia is one of 80 countries with which the US military is cooperating in order to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.
Professor Vesna Suljagic from the Department of Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infections, estimated the cooperation with the US, which lasts for more than a decade, to be very successful and pointed out that it significantly helps in better diagnosis of not only HIV but also other sexually and through blood transmitted infection.
- We will work to even earlier detection of infection, but also on prevention, not only among soldiers but also among health care workers who are increasingly involved in peacekeeping operations in Africa in recent years, where these diseases are endemically present, said Professor Suljagic.
Until now, starting from 2005 when the then Army of Serbia and Montenegro for the first time submitted the application to the Department for the Prevention of HIV / AIDS Department of Defense, for the project "Prevention and control of HIV / AIDS in the Army of Serbia and Montenegro", activities and purchased material goods in the amount of 993,832 dollars were implemented.
Most of the funds were spent on the purchase of modern laboratory equipment and a full range of diagnostic tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections for the MMA Institute of Microbiology, Institute of Medical Research, Institute of Transfusion, Institute of Epidemiology and Military Hospital in Nis.

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